Sunday, March 1


Ever since Justin and I got our Nokia E-71s Justin has been adding applications-
some we use
others I don't even know where to find on my phone
or what they do...
Like FRING- I know it is supposed to be cool but really what is it? How do I get to it on my phone? NO IDEA-
Anyway this is about a simple game-
some of you may have heard of it-
I have always been a tetris addict- my old roommates can attest to this....
My favorite type of tetris is the gold block tetris- if you have played it you know what I'm talking about- if not- go and get yourself a nintendo 64 and tetris- I am telling you
you will never go back!!!
(Oh and if you have an N64 and tetris then please invite us over to play:)
Who needs a wii when you have gold block tetris?
.... Anyway....
The unspoken war has been on in our house ever since Justin added tetris to our phones. We have constantly been trying to one up eachother- but it hasn't been a full out battle until just recently
Justin has always been ahead of me- for months and months I have been working feverishly to catch up and get a higher score.
Just when I think that i have done it all my hopes and dreams are dashed-
- once I got an awesome score and came down to show Jus and it turns out that I was playing the wrong version of the game so it didn't count- I never made that mistake again.
- then I was playing and got an awesome score and I knew that it was better than Justin's last score but when I showed him he told me that he had gotten a higher score a few days earlier and just hadn't shown me....
Well today was different- I had gotten a score of 2299-

An AMAZING score- so I came down to show Justin my victory and this is what his top score was:

We are tied- who will conquer them all?
No one knows.
All I can say is GAME ON!!!
(Now Justin, don't get your panties in a twist, but I have a small hunch that I will come out victorious........)


  1. haha that's so co-incidental that you both got that score!!! that's awesome!!! i have all bets on GO CHER YOU CAN DO IT!!:)

  2. HAhahahaha!!! I wasn't expecting it...I thought you had failed. Now get back to tetrising.

  3. hahaha - you are hilarious Cher - this is why I love you. (and I love how I can totally hear your voice AND picture your face - especially when you said ANYWAY....)


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