Wednesday, March 11

Story of the forgotten banana bread

Once upon a time...
there was a mother (Cheryl) and her daughter (Ruby) and they were having an exceptionally good morning!

They got up and said goodbye to the dashing Justin

And began their day
They made some delicious whole wheat banana bread

And while they were waiting for it to cook (it takes 1 hour 10 mins)
They put on a little Jonas Brothers and danced in their living room

Then they decided to go outside before it got too cold and windy
So Ruby got on her galoshes and her vest and toque and opened the door to the beautiful sunshine!

Then they closed the door- and Cheryl realized that they had locked themselves OUT of the castle..
So they played outside for a while and when it became to cold and windy they knocked on the door of their kind neighbor Jayne

She willingly let them in to play and use her phone so they could contact Justin to bring home a key in between classes
After a short wait their knight on shining bicycle came with key in hand!
And the damsels in distress were saved- and so was the banana bread!!
It was delicious!!

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