Tuesday, March 24

See you in the movies

Justin is upstairs singing to Ruby right now (her favorites include snowman, insy-winsy spider, eieio, and twinkle star) trying to get her to sleep and as I listen to him through the baby monitor it reminded me of my dad- every night after family prayer as we were saying good night he always said (and still does when we are home) 'See you in the movies' (meaning see you in your dreams)
I like it
Its a good memory
I say it to Ruby now
I hope that one day she will say it to her kids too....


  1. Cherl and Justin!! Cherea saw that you had checked out our blog. Your baby girl is getting big. I love the pics of Snelter-skelter getting ready to hop on the bike.

  2. That's so cute! I love that!


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