Friday, March 13


Nan turns 24 today! Since it is her birthday I thought that it would be a good excuse to write my first spotlight post.
A few things about Natalie that you should know:
Natalie is amazing- she is someone that I really look up to.
Natalie is a good writer- I am trying to get her to write a blog so everyone can enjoy her writing but she hasn't jumped on the blogging bandwagon yet- I am sure one day she will be the next JK Rowling so keep your eyes open for her
Nan has a good sense of style and always looks nice
Natalie is incredibly smart- she got 100% on her the written part of her English provincial exam- (Just an example of her intelligence and good writing skills)
Natalie is very beautiful
Natalie is an amazing mom and she and Taylor (her husband) are raising some amazing children!

Natalie is very spiritual and is close to her Father in Heaven- something I admire
Natalie is better than me- if you knew her you would like her more than me- no doubt in my mind
Natalie is willing to do anything for anyone- she is extremely compassionate and kind- hearted
Nan is super fun and is someone that I love to spend my time with- I am really looking forward to going home in the summer
Natalie makes me laugh

Natalie never wears red and barely wears pink- she doesn't think that it goes with her awesome red hair (which is never frizzy and always looks nice)
Natalie is a very thoughtful person and is always mindful of other people and their feelings
Natalie is a strong woman with strong faith
Natalie is someone I admire
I feel truly blessed to have her as my sister (I feel truly blessed to be in the family that I am and to have all my sisters!)
I love you!

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  1. We called her "red Cheryl" in our "Guess Cheryl" game last summer...She sounds really great, I almost already like her more then you!
    (jk...kind of)


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