Wednesday, February 2

Domo Arigato, Ruby Roboto....

We got bored one day and there was an empty mini wheat box- so what would any self-respecting mother do?
Oh you know...

Isn't she the cutest robot ever?
It took a lot of coaxing to get her to actually wear the costume.
She didn't want to be a robot she wanted to be a super hero.
So we met in the middle and she became a super robot.

All she needed was a cape and she was happy!
Plus the pink paper that I added may have helped a smidgen....
Here she is doing 'the robot'

And it is also pretty common to hear Ruby speaking robot.
Apparently she is 'from another galaxy'

And, you didn't think I forgot did you?
The Candlemas celebration has been postponed but rest assured I already have a new piece of Candlemas entertainment prepared!!
It is going to be epic.
So just prepare yourself!!


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