Wednesday, November 7

Halloween 2012

It was that time again!  Halloween.  I know some people love halloween and some people hate halloween.  I am in the middle.  I love making costumes, I love taking the kids trick or treating- I am not in love with all the candy.  But we make it work.  This year was the year of the pirate and Princess Peach.  Ruby decided she wanted to be princess peach and it was an easy costume to accommodate and once Noni got the idea of pirate in his head there was no turning back.  I mean, he does walk around the house saying 'ay' for yes, so it seemed appropriate.

Here he is in all his pirate glory.  He could not get enough of that eye patch and INSISTED on wearing it.  My favorite is the tshirt.  It was my first attempt at freezer paper stenciling and it turned out AWESOME!

Here is a view of the pirate hat I made him, and the spy glass he loved.

Noni and Ruby at the church party.  Look at that sweet little Princess Peach- so prim and proper.  Also take note of the mustache on Noni and the bird on his shoulder...
 A view of Ruby's awesome crown!  

We made sure to carve our own pumpkin.  Ruby was right into it- unlike other years-.

 and Noni, well...  he looked like this most of the time.  I mean what is halloween pumpkin carving without one cryer.  He wanted the knife, and he hated the 'guts', all in all a pumpkin carving success I would say.
 There it is, the master piece!
 And there is my 33 week pregnant belly in the background.  (and the two little squash we got for the kids because we couldn't find mini pumpkins...)

Halloween was great!  We had 2 parties to go to plus Ruby had her class party- so we got a lot of wear out of the costumes- which is always a bonus.  Halloween night was crazy slippery.  It wasn't too cold but the ground was covered with a thin layer of ice- it was crazy.  People going down everywhere you turned.  I almost went down but was able to gracefully save myself by doing the semi splits and pulling my groin muscle.   Worth it I say- it was all worth it.  Noni and Ruby had so much fun going house to house getting candy.  They are getting really good at saying 'Trick or treat' and Ruby is really good at saying thank you.  Noni on the other hand is good at reaching into the candy bowl and helping himself.  When we would ask him after he got candy what he should say-  his favorite answer was ' Lets go to the next one house!'
We got the thank you's in where we could.  He was just amazed he was getting so much candy and all he had to do was wear his pirate costume that he loved and say 'trick-or-treat'.
Because of the ice and our children's lack of stamina- we only go half way around one cul-de-sac.  But we brought home this haul.

And we had the time of our lives.  It really was a lot of fun.  
Want to see our other halloween costumes?  Check them out here and here.


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