Friday, February 26

And The Post You Have All Been Waiting For...

An Update!!

I know- I know
Now everyone can enjoy the supreme cuteness that I have created in my womb...

He is seriously growing like a weed- a chubby weed- a weed that grows width wise and not so much in height- they have those- right?
He is 7 weeks old and weighs 16pounds.
And just to put that in perspective that means he is above the 95th percentile for weight.
And for those stats fans out there- his head circumference is also above the 95th percentile and his height is in the 25th percentile...
Short he is a short fat head and we LOVE it!!
He sleeps, poops, toots (alot), and 'goos' now- oh and smiles- he has the best dimples!
And finally some pictures for you all to enjoy...

She is seriously awesome. She is now potty trained and learning what a wedgie is- apparently we aren't born with that innate knowledge. We have since remedied the wedgie situation...
She loves Myers SO much- but beware she is still a strict body/name guard and will only allow you to call him Myers or the much preferred Noni- and of course King Julian. So atleast we have some more options now a days.
She is still attached to buddy and her new Dora sippy cup and must sleep with them both. Today she also decided she would love a fake fur belero that she was formerly scared of and Buddy is currently wearing it to bed.
She loves running and singing and Clark and Jayne and Ainsley.
She is still a Madagascar 2 fan and will be for life I am sure.
I can't wait until the weather is better outside and we can spend our days out there while we wait for Justin to come home from school... the best part of our day...
Some photos to brighten your day


I am seriously awesome... if i do say so myself...
I am getting used to being a mother of 2 and I like to think I am doing a pretty good job of it. I really love those 2.
I feel like I am everywhere at once and I have a million projects going on at the same time and a million more that I want to work on that are in my head- or atleast bookmarked on my computer. I have just had a creative surge lately- now if only I could find the time...
I did order some fabric tags to add to my projects and I am very excited for them to come in the mail!!
I have been working out and feel great and have been happy with the results though I would like to get rid of more... but it will come- off that is.
I am happy and healthy and looking forward to the spring and summer but enjoying the end of winter.

He has been busy with school but not too busy- we have really been able to enjoy him at home and are always sad when he is gone.
He is getting more and more confident with his optometrical abilities (I just like the sound of optometrical- whether it is a word or not) and will soon be YOUR optometrist (right?)
He keeps himself busy with church and school and family and car repairs and smart phones- of course. He knows everything and is a smart phone technology genius.
We think he is the best.

Myers was blessed on February 7, 2010 and here is a family photo taken that day

Myers in his outfit- He looks so cute in his little tie!

It was a great day even though family couldn't be there we thought of you all! We love you and are grateful for all the love and support you give us!
*We are going to get photos and a birth announcement out sometime this week- hopefully- so look for some fun in the mail!*

This last photo is for pure enjoyment- it is one of Justin's favorites- I personally think its a little on the creepy side... but cute creepy- you know 'cause he's my baby....

Wednesday, February 24

Hunny Bunny

Apparently the Hunny Bunny Baby is the Tickle Me Elmo of 2010.
We have been searching around for a hunny bunny of Ruby's very own.
We called everywhere around Kitchener- Waterloo- Guelph- Stratford... and it was either not carried by the store or sold out.
So then we thought that we would try in Alberta and get someone there to buy it for us and mail it to us....
This is how much Ruby was talking about her need for a hunny bunny. She was so cute asking for one- everywhere we went she would want to look for a hunny bunny of her very own.
'Maybe (insert any store name here) has a hunny bunny' she would say
And being the amazing parents we are-
We were determined to find one.
And.... after lots of calling....and internet searching
Drumroll please......
Well actually we found 2- so if anyone is looking for one you can find one in New Hamburg at the 'Is this Chair Taken' store.
We also got a Lil Peanut one for Noni- Ruby insisted.
Here is Ruby enjoying her Hunny Bunny...

-oh wait- I don't have one....
And Noni with his peanut....

But after all of that Ruby rediscovered an old favorite- Buddy.
And hasn't gone back to Hunny Bunny since.
Apparently all she wanted was a bunny of her very own. It didn't have to come in a removable pink bunny suit, or be incredibly hard to find and slightly expensive. hmmmm.
And here she is with her reunited loves- buddy and Rosie- (she insisted they be in the photos....)

Monday, February 15


In celebration of the day of love-
which also happens to be the anniversary of our engagement-
And since it was Sunday and we couldn't get our usual feast at Boston Pizza
we made our own heart shaped pizzas!

Saturday, February 13


There is one thing that Ruby loves more than her mom or dad
I know- hard to believe
But she does have one true love
and that is dollies.
Any dolly- she just wants one- a new one- every day.
We obviously don't give in every day, not even every other day- but judging from the ever growing pile of dollies we have in the corner we do give in sometimes.
To our credit- grandmas and grandpas give in too and have added to the pile. As well as aunts and uncles...
They are always on her mind. She now has a bag that she carries her dolls around in because her arms just can't hold all the dolls she requires to get through the day.
She sleeps with the bag, she drags the bag around costco, and takes it over to Jayne's house.
Any time we say- Maybe we can get a toy- she says- yeah but that toy is a dollie.
When we got home from walmart- (doll-less I might add) and we were talking about the upcoming Valentine's day and how we were going to make heart shaped pizzas Ruby says 'And maybe you made me a dolly.'
I didn't....
But we did buy her Madagascar 2- which she will be equally happy about-
I guess there are 2 things she loves more than mom and dad.
1. Dollies
2. Madagascar


YUP- you read it right.
I wrote poop.
But for a good reason.
It has been on the snelldogs household brain lately.
We are constantly talking about poo, cheering when a poop is made, asking if she needs to go poop, and occasionally cleaning up poop.
Ruby is potty training.
We are going on day 5.
I didn't want to write about it earlier- I was worried I would jinx it.
She is doing a great job and I am the most excited of anyone I think. I haven't had to change a diaper in 5 days!! WHAT!! This is amazing!!
Today Justin is home and has taken over the 'remembering to remind Ruby to go to the potty' position.
As I sit here I can hear them in the bathroom.
Justin has encouraged her to talk to her poop- and tell it to come out.
(I say whatever works)
First conversation with poop
'Hey poop- i got new big girl unders. But they are dora (she has been wearing princess ones earlier) Do you like dora? Poop get out of me!!!'
Second conversation with Justin
Ruby-' I'm going to poop on you- BOOM- poop on your face'
Justin-' Do you want me to leave?
Ruby-' You better leave or I'm gonna get poop on your face.
Needless to say he left.

Earlier this week Ruby was excited because she thought she didn't need to wear pants anymore because she has big girl unders. (We had her just running around in unders because it resulted in less things to clean if necessary)

Lets hope this trend keeps going and we have a fully potty trained child soon- One who eventually wears pants and unders at the same time of course...

Monday, February 8

Candlemas 2010

Candlemas- you're gonna love candlemas....
We do!
We celebrated our annual crepe party yesterday.
Candlemas 2010.
It was awesome!
We had a ton of participation on the skit end of things and a plethora of toppings.
I want to thank all who came and participated- you are the best!
We were missing a few of the key participants of Candlemas and I want you to know that you were sorely missed.
The skits were awesome- some of the best we have ever had.
I am already planning next years.
Ok not really.
But I am excited for next years!
Here is a taste of one of the skits we did this year.
It was madagascar inspired. We called it crepagascar.

I know! We're awesome!

Tetris wars

Tetris wars are back on!
Ok they have always been on- but conveniently I have 'forgotten' to write about them.
Now that I am in the lead I found it pertinent information again.
I am in the lead- A BIG LEAD.
In fact I may go as far as saying that my score can never be beat.
Unless I do it- I am pretty sure that I am the best tetris player that ever lived. Pretty much unbeatable.
The high score is now: 2924
Beat that Justin!

Thursday, February 4

I'm A Winner!!

I won! I Won I Won!!!
I actually won something- me who never wins anything.
We leave all the winning to Mr. Snelldog.
But I did it- I won!
I entered and I won!!
Justin told me that once you learn to win it is easy to keep going- so I am now on my way to many wins in the future....
I was so excited when I found out that the only response Justin thought was appropriate was a hug.
He has obviously won things before...

If you want to see what I won go here.
Myers will make a super cute pirate don`t you think?
And apparently so did

Tuesday, February 2

Merry Candlemas!!

Some of you may be celebrating Ground hog day today- But you would be wrong... You are missing the true holiday of February 2nd- that being Candlemas.

Just wanted to say Merry Candlemas to you all! We wish everyone could be where we are so we could all eat crepes together. But alas- it may be a small candlemas this year...
But the Snell's are cooking up a Madagascar inspired crepe skit- so you should all be excited!
Just to give you a taste of candlemas- here is our skit from last year- SNL inspired...


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