Wednesday, March 18

Retro Phone and New Hoodies

Just call me a phone wrecker....
that is what I am, I can't hide it anymore....
I didn't realize the severity of my problem until yesterday when Justin was on the phone with Rogers and telling them of my woes. 'There was milk spilled on her first phone so we switched to her old phone and then she lost it....what do we do now?'
Well I'll tell you what we did- we were able to get an unused SIM card activated and I started to use Justin's old phone. Then it wasn't working very well- not that it ever really worked well (I really don't like that phone)
So what phone is she using now you ask? I love retro things so what better phone to use than my very first cell phone? It has no color, no camera, no GPS, no email, no Wi-Fi, no tetris, no contacts, in fact I am surprised that it even texts! But I LOVE it... Using it now brings back memories of when it was in its prime! It may have even been the first Nokia to use a SIM card... What a great phone- it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.... Though I wonder what will be the fate of this phone....

Don't get me wrong I am still looking forward to getting my Nokia E71 back....

As for the hoodie side of this blog... We all have our challenges- mine being the ability to keep cell phones alive and Justin's being his ability to keep hoodies in his possession.

Justin loves hoodies and inevitably (for Justin) is always losing them- He has lost an innumerable amount.
Right now he has
lost: 2 blue gap hoodies,
1 black and grey jc penny hoodie,
one black esprit hoodie (if anyone finds this at their house please let us know as this was the most recent loss)
and these are just the ones that we remember...
in his possession:
the Grey hoodie- that we seem to always find (even though I would rather it got lost)
his green GAP hoodie
and a few days ago we bought him a new black and white striped hoodie.

And I wonder what will be the fate of this hoodie?


  1. The fate of my latest hoodie is to become the world's greatest clarinet player

  2. Cheryl, did you hire a hand model for that cell phone photo? Who's ever hands those are could definitely make some serious lettuce (another term for cash I heard in a Rhianna song).

  3. looking good justin, looking good.

  4. looking good justin. looking good.


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