Saturday, March 27

Teddy Bear Bread Meets Our Little Hobo....

My mom used to make teddy bear bread with us when I was a child. I always remember loving it- there is something special about bread being in a special shape- well really lets be honest here- who doesn't like anything more when it is in a different shape?
pancakes shaped like letters or Mickey mouse heads
Chia pets shaped like Homer
Rocks shaped like hearts
Coke in an old-fashioned bottle
A cloud shaped like a dinosaur
Shrunken half eaten rotten apples shaped like an old mans face without any teeth...
(you know what I'm talking about)
And the list goes on and on
When something has a cool shape we are drawn to it- it seems better than the normal circular pancake even though they taste the same.
Well this holds true for the teddy bear bread as well.
I have many a fond memory of teddy bear bread.
And now so does Ruby.
As you can see here she loved making the bread.

And then it grew from baby teddy to big mondo teddy

And then when it was fully cooked Ruby and teddy became fast friends

Though she didn't hesitate to eat it

But later asked if she could hold teddy- only to find that he was half gone... She didn't believe me at first.
And when my back was turned she went into the kitchen to save her dear teddy from the rest of the ravenous snelldogs...

She quickly added him to her hobo stash

But when she got hungry I saw her sneaking a few bites of teddy herself....
I guess 'a hobos gotta do what a hobos gotta do'...
Thanks for the idea mom! Love you!
I'm thinking a 'Hobo vs. The Dinosaur' sequel is in order...

Friday, March 26

Blog Banter

Recently I made granola and had to mix it with my hand. Because of the amount of granola we make at one time along with the honey and oils that are required- anything but a thorough hand mixing would be inadequate. So i sacrificed my dignity and I mixed it with my hands- therefore resulting in granola hand. I thought it was awesome- but some thought it a little on the gross side. So for them I did this....

So 'handsfull'- if ever you would like to be 'hands full of granola' or 'soft handsfull' you know where to go!!! I will always have a bowl full of granola waiting for you- because I like you...

*I have now made it easier to comment on my blog- so take advantage! I love to hear from you!*

Wednesday, March 24

Take The Time

I am going to take the time to tell you to do 2 things:
1. Take the time to read this article in the March Ensign (it is very short and well worth the read)
And remember “Quality [time] is a direct function of quantity [time]—and mothers, to nurture their children properly, must provide both.” Elder Ballard

And number 2. Take the time to bask in the Cuteness of these 2....and the cuteness of your own children of course...

Myers is quite the fat head!!! We love it!! Wait until you see his passport photos- AMAZING!
(and as a side note- Myers' shirt says 'HAHA you're old' every time I read it I laugh)

Sunday, March 21

Granola Hand

Today was our semi-annual granola making fest.
Truthfully this was only our second time making granola-
but it is twice in a year span
and we probably won't make it again this year
so therefore I declare this our semi-annual granola making fest.

And here are the dividends from so-called fest.

And this...
We like to call this granola hand...

Ruby was a little scared of my granola hand. But lets face it- Ruby is scared of everything. She is our little- scaredy- girl- tender- heart and we love it. A little bit of her fright might have been attributed to the fact that I came after her with the granola hand while growling... but who's to say the cause?

I think I may have to market this granola stuff not only as a delicious-healthy-packed with omega-3s- breakfast cereal but as a hand (and possibly foot) spa treatment. My hand is seriously SO SOFT. If I had known THAT I may have had a granola bath- or atleast used both hands to mix it....
And for those who may potentially eat this- I would like to clarify that- I did NOT have a granola bath and I washed my hands before touching any of it.... promise.

Saturday, March 20

Heart breaker

Take a look at this little heart breaker.....

I went to a mom2mom sale today and this was my favorite purchase.
I think you can tell why
I would say he is ready for florida now!!!

Thursday, March 18

Good To Me

First of all I would like to thank all of you who seem to have a vested interest in my wardrobe.... I am just going to think that you are all good friends and not take it that I have bad style and am in desperate need of a wardrobe make over... (which sadly I am)
Anyway- thank you for all of your thoughts and comments! A special thanks goes out to Jenny-(you should read her blog) she actually went out and found it for me and picked it up (what a good friend- I miss her) along with a few other things of course! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! So now the dress that has been calling my name will soon be in my possession- without the outrageous shipping costs-
Secondly- we are going to florida!!! Disney princesses here we come!! I am so excited! Everything is booked and there is no turning back now- it is going to be AWESOME! Hopefully some of that florida sun will turn these see-thru legs of mine a color that is a little more bearable without the safety of sunglasses. Seriously.
And thirdly- My labels made an appearance in my mailbox today!! I am excited to use them!!! Now all I have to do is find the time to make things that are actually worthy of the Noni Label....
And lastly- tomorrow is friday and that means more time with mr.snelldog!!! The sun is shining, the snow has disappeared, my wardrobe is looking a little better, and we are going to FLORIDA! Things are looking up for the snelldog household! Not that they were ever looking down...

Tuesday, March 16

Buggin' Me

1. Dear Kid Walking Up Westmount With His Friends,
WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Did I seriously witness you littering? LITTERING? Seriously? Did you just drop your pop bottle on the grass and keep walking? Did you know that that is garbage? Not to mention that those are recyclable and even worth money in some areas (though sadly not here)? Did you know that that is absolutely ridiculous? YOU LITTERED!!!! Who purposely does that anymore? Me Annoyed- at you!!!!

Dear Friends of Kid Who Littered-
WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING??? It seems like such a stupid and uncool thing to do- why wouldn't you say that to him? Wierd. If it was me I would have said something.

Dear Anyone I Know Or Don't Know For That Matter-
DON'T LITTER- ITS DUMB. The least that you could do for this earth is throw away your garbage- its a start anyway.

I am not really a save the earth type of person- I mean I want the earth saved- don't get me wrong- but I wouldn't call myself an activist.... I was just really annoyed with the Litterbug kid and his friends- we all know better than that. So now that it is off my chest and out on the world wide web I feel better.

2. Dear Lady at Wimpy's Who Asked If Ruby Went To Daycare Just Because She Was Outgoing and Social:
WOW- What an interesting comment. Your first instinct was that Ruby could only be friendly and outgoing and social if she went to daycare? Wow- that is all I can think to say. Oh and that I am sad you feel that way.

Anyway- now I feel better......

Monday, March 15

Us Today

Best Friends.....
Cutie cry face..... I guess he's just not ready to choose his bff yet.
The Guys just hangin' out... 2 happy little heads...
And the family that is ours.... We are pretty awesome if I do say so myself....

Our day consisted of passport updating, passport photo taking, diaper buying (great deal on now at zehrs...), fabriclanding- however disappointing that always is...., rw&co- with no results to speak of, car riding, and wimpys- home of the 10 oz wimpy burger--- delish, and after all of that we still had time to take some family photos. We are amazing!
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Sunday, March 14

Love it

I want this dress.
Its really pretty- and when i look at it it screams-
This dress was made for me.
Unfortunately it was made for alot of other people too.

Or atleast a lot of other people my size.
If only I was the size of a small child I may be able to fit into the XS and all my wardrobe woes would vanish.

But seriously I want that dress.
Can someone make me a replica?

And if anyone sees anything they like on the website and would like to share shipping (which is outrageous) then I am in!!!

Wednesday, March 10


When most children are aspiring to be princesses or astronauts
our sweet Rublet is training to be a
or a

depending on how you look at it.

This is her today-

She was carrying everything she could in that stroller and in the 2 bags hanging off the back....
She would walk around the house with that and when she saw something that caught her eye she would take it and add it to her stash.
Justin commented on our little hobo-in-training but I like to think that she will always have a home with us so therefore will never be homeless. I like to see her in a more positive light- as our little hoarder. Do you think TLC would be interested in a new show?? 'When Toddlers and Their Trinkets Get Out of Hand- a true glimpse into the life of a toddler and their stuff.' I should really copyright that or something- I can see it becoming a hit.

And a Ruby quote of the day- 'The Holy Bible- by Robert Munsch.'
She's still learning...

Friday, March 5

Ode to Photoshop

Oh Photoshop
Thank you for being invented!
For so long I was apprehensive about using you- I worried I wouldn't be able conquer you- but I HAVE....
Well- I can make headers for blogs now- (as you can see by our updated header)
Any requests?
I can't do much else yet- but that is what tutorials on the internet are for right?
I'll keep you posted on my progress
Because I know you are all interested....

Here is the banner I made for my soon to be opened etsy shop!!

Wednesday, March 3


Don't be surprised when you see these little beauties popping up everywhere

(Minus the grey lines of course.)
Those are my new labels.
I named my 'company' noni- I like it- it has special meaning for me.
I made my first real sale today- thank you AMY!!
And I have my publicist and marketing director Jenn on the job- so I am sure my line will take off like a rocket soon enough....
I can't wait to get my labels....

Tuesday, March 2

1 to 3

About a month ago we were out of diapers and needed to buy Noni some more- so we went to Walmart and bought a freakishly large box of size one diapers- not realizing that our little guy would grow out of size one diapers the next day. He has been in ones ever since....
Here he is sporting some muffin top...
And here he is sporting a happy grin because he knows that he will no longer wake up with a wet sleeper- since this size of diaper is actually made for someone his size and therefore is equipped to hold the amount of urine he produces....

Oh the relief...
I guess the only upside is that we were able to skip the awkward size 2 stage all together.... You all know about the awkward size 2 stage right?

OK- Its a joke- there is nothing awkward about wearing size 2 diapers.

And I had to write that last sentence because Justin just wasn't feeling the humor. He didn't really get it. But I deemed it too funny to delete.
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Snowmen Need Sun Protection Too.....

Ruby and I took the time to enjoy the nice weather today-
We climbed the Huge Mountain in our parking lot
We threw snowballs
We kicked dog poo
We ran
and of course we documented it all....

This is me trying to get a nice picture out of Ruby....

Still trying....

This is the look I get when I tell her not to stick her tongue out...

And the comment- 'I was just trying to show you my tongue....'

And here she is holding the snowman's head- apparently she thought we were going to be building an incredibly small snowman....

And finally here we are with the masterpiece- a snowman with sun protection...

(Maybe Ruby wasn't too far off when she predicted the head size- it is rather small)
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