Saturday, October 22

Monster Shirts

I love Target.  I don't think I can say that enough.  I love Target.  I especially love it when they are having their crazy clearance.
This time I snagged some Monster shirt decals for $1.00.  You iron them on in any design you want anywhere you want.  Just what Ruby loves.  It is quick and easy and really fun!  Just what I love!
Ruby picked out the fairy monster.  Though she really hates it when i call it a monster. 
Here are the pieces she chose to add to her shirt.  (there are LOTS of different options)
I let her decide where to put them and I did the ironing.
Here is her perfect placement....

 I love it.
I got to make Myers shirt.  We went with the pirate monster.  I think it is so cute!
 There was a little broken heart that came with it.  For some reason Ruby was really disturbed by it.  She did NOT like the broken heart- so I got out my fabric paint and covered up the heart and added Mom into the center.  Every pirate should have an 'I heart mom' tatoo, right?  It seems necessary.
 Myers loved it.  He has never been one to care too much about what he wears (the opposite of Ruby) but he will hunt down this shirt and ask me to put it on him.  I love it.
After many washes the iron on has cracked and come off in a few places- but it doesn't matter- it was only $1 and I am pretty sure we got our money's worth!

Thursday, October 20

Glow in the Dark Hide and Seek

As a kid we used to go out onto the playground at night as a family and play hide and go seek in the dark.  It is one of my absolute favorite memories.  I mean what wouldn't be fun about it?  Flashlights, giggles, scares and family.  We grew up in a REALLY small town so the idea of 'Ruffians' was non existent.  There are definitely some experiences you can't have when you live in a larger center.  So we took the outdoor hide and go seek and brought it inside!  It was just as fun.  We found these awesome glowing wands at target and also picked up a few glowing necklaces.

  It did make it easier to find Ruby when she would not let hers go even when she was hiding.  All you had to do was follow the pink light!  The kids had a blast though.  

Thursday, October 13

East West Conference.

Justin's poster for the East West Conference.  A lot of work and we are super proud of him!

Tuesday, October 11

What to Wear?

Whitney is getting married!
So obviously I am wondering what I am going to wear!
It is a stressful decision- I want to look good.
So naturally my sights turn to the Shabby Apple website.
I love their dresses.  Every. Single. One.
I have yet to order from them but everything I hear and see is amazing and I would love to wear one of these to Whit's wedding.
I like this one in particular.

Perfect for a winter wedding!
I also love this one,
and this skirt.

A girl can dream... Go check them out at, you won't be disappointed!


The sun is shining and it is the perfect temperature outside.  I feel like I am of the same opinion as every other person that ever lived when I say 'I love Autumn.'  The smells, the colors, the weather....  Autumn may just be my favorite season.  Spring and summer both come in a close second and winter a VERY, VERY distant third.
It was raining here for a while so I almost forgot how much I love Autumn- but then the sun came out again and the leaves began to change and the world was made right again.

These flowers have been growing in our yard and all over the side of the road.  I think it is lavender.  Am I right?

We Snells are loving this weather, and our backyard- and each other.

Sunday, October 9

The Auction

Hidden treasures just waiting to be found for incredible prices.  Fun finds at your finger tips.  I love auctions and they are EVERYWHERE here.  Our favorite auction happens every friday night about 5 minutes from our house.

If I am being honest with myself we really don't need to accumulate junk (a fact I really try to remember) so we haven't bought anything at one yet but we have our eye open if anything amazing and wonderful come along.
You know, like this box of randoms.

 Or an old outdated globe.

Or this steal of a find high chair (which I would have bought if Myers would sit in a high chair)

Or this huge box of never ending zipper.  I am sure I need that much zipper.  My favorite moment of the night was when I happened to be walking by these zippers and two older men (75 ish) were looking at them trying to figure out what they were.  They just kept looking at it and touching it and discussing.  They finally decided that it was some sort of strapping.  Something used to tie something else down on a truck or something.  The one man graciously stepped down and told the other man that he would let the him have them....  I just stood and stared- oh, and took a picture.  It got a little awkward so I walked away.

It is a really fun place to go!  We always have fun there and it is really neat to see what people bring and what goodies we can find.  We are looking for some sort of dresser or something for our front room so we will be back until the weather gets too cold.  We just need to grasp on to the whole bidding thing.  Sometimes it is too hard to tell what the auctioneer is even saying and by the time you figure it out the item is gone.  Like the 3 chairs I wanted to get that went for 6 dollars before we could even blink.  Ah, well...  I am sure they went to a good home.

I have some really fond memories of auctions when I was a kid.  (Ok only one memory)  It was when we were living in Altario, Ab (The wikipedia page talks about how well populated it used to be but doesn't mention how populated it is now- there were about 25 people there when I lived there and 6 of those people were my family.  It was comprised of one block- and was seriously an awesome place for a kid to grow up).  Anyway there was an auction it was fun and we came home with some cool stuff.  So I like auctions, so what?

Friday, October 7

Surfer Girl

We are back from Kalahari and I know you are all dying to hear how it was.
I feel a little bad telling you how awesome it was.  I don't want to make anyone jealous.
But- it was AWESOME.
We are already trying to figure out when we can go next.

Here we are on the way in...  the excitement mounting!
Oh- and just for the record I want to now be known as 'surfer girl' henceforth and forever.  I was a master at this 'slide' the Flowrider.
That's not too much to ask is it?
My triceps are feeling pains they have never felt and I have one killer bruise on my hip- but it was all worth it.
Myers fell asleep while enjoying the waves in the wave pool- I mean who doesn't?

We hung out here while Ruby and Justin got us some delicious food to eat and of course the much needed and deserved Dippin' Dots.

And the family shot.  Myers missed out on the dippin dots...  you snooze, you lose.
He learned the hard way.

The kids had a super blast.  The adults had a super blast and the only thing that would make it better would be friends.  We need to be able to do some kid swapping so we can enjoy some of the larger slides without looking like total loner losers going up there by ourselves and begging to be the fourth person on some strangers four man tube.  We have some friends here we are trying to convince... it shouldn't be too hard I don't think...

Thursday, October 6


I have absolutely no idea how this happened.
After posting about Noni here I thought it was pretty ironic that this happened.

Justin and I were around when this happened.  We were just in the other room and he was VERY QUIET.
He can't even open the fridge door-  it is too high for him.
Ruby helped him out on that front.  I mean, what are 'big' sisters for?
She opened the door and then she high tailed it out of there- you know to distract us from the real issue at hand.
She let him have a few minutes of freedom and then she told on him.
'Mom you should come and see what Noni is doing'
That was when we found this mess.
Lucky for Noni a friend of ours had this happen to her a couple of weeks before, so we were able to skip the angry/shocked stage and just go straight to the laugh/ take pictures stage.
I just wish I could have seen the whole process.

Tuesday, October 4

Noni The Warrior King

This is a little bit of an old picture but I deemed it too awesome to leave in the pits of 'things that should have been posted but never were because frankly sometimes I am just too lazy to do it.'
I saw it recently and it made me smile.
I thought it might make you smile too.

The back story-
Ruby and Myers were coloring- well Ruby was coloring and Myers had just woken up from his nap and apparently had no need for clothing so he was sporting the diaper only look- and they were giggling and just enjoying themselves so I wanted to see what was up, you know, join in on the fun.
That was when I found Ruby prepping Noni for war with the traditional war paint.
It took a couple of days for the red to wash off but it did, eventually.

I couldn't get mad.  It was too impressive.  She was thorough- His scalp was even decorated.
Consequently Noni thought coloring on himself was fun for an extended period of time.
I am grateful that I can now say he is out of that phase and on to the next.

While I am making you smile I thought this might just do the trick.

'I can't put my arms down!!' (Randy on 'A Christmas Story')

And this too.
Look at that sweet little cute head.

He hasn't changed a bit.


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