Monday, March 9

A Few Things On My Mind

Lately I have been thinking a lot about motherhood and the kind of mother that I want to be to Ruby and to future children that Justin and I may have.
I want to be a good one nay a great one!
I am determined to live more in the moment when it comes to my day to day- Enjoy the moments- treasure them- all of them.
I found a talk given by M. Russell Ballard who is an apostle of our church- you can find it here. I encourage every MOTHER and FATHER to read it.
The whole talk was wonderful but one thing in particular really struck me-
He says-
'I am impressed by countless mothers who have learned how important it is to focus on the things that can only be done in a particular season of life. If a child lives with parents for 18 or 19 years, that span is only one-fourth of a parent’s life. And the most formative time of all, the early years in a child’s life, represents less than one-tenth of a parent’s normal life. It is crucial to focus on our children for the short time we have them with us and to seek, with the help of the Lord, to teach them all we can before they leave our homes. This eternally important work falls to mothers and fathers as equal partners.'
This really got me thinking and re-evaluating who I am as a mother. I had never really done the math. I know that once you are a mother you are always a mother (I know I still rely on my mom) but your role changes. It may seem like the toddler years are the hardest and some days seem longer than others- but it is only one- tenth of my life?!? What?!? And then she's not a baby anymore? Does that really happen? It seems so short when I think of it that way- my perspective changes. I am now determined to do better, be better, teach more, PLAY more, love more (though it seems impossible), BE MORE. I love Ruby so much and I want to be a mother that looks back on my life and has no regrets. It seems impossible but I can try. I want to take this one-fourth of my life and really make it into something amazing. I want to cherish it and take the advise of other mothers and really enjoy it. I don't want it to pass me by...
I want to 'focus on our children for the short time we have them with us'
I guess all I can do is try-
The whole talk is amazing- He goes on to talk about things that we can do as mothers, fathers, and children. I am not going to go into detail but I encourage you to read it!
It definitely made me think-
I love being a mom and I am going to try dang hard to enjoy every moment!!!


  1. YEAH YOU! I think as well it is the most important tenth of our other tenth will compare...I think it would be fair to say then give double to this tenth and half to the rest and you will still come out on top. I am happy to report that after our conversation the other day I too have played more, taught more, savored more and my goodness wouldn't you know it...ENJOYED it more!

  2. Cheryl - you are an AMAZING mother!!! You can only do more after talking to Cheryl - she is an amazing motivator to cherish life to the fullest and to follow in her footsteps to do MORE! And I love your super curly hair!!!!! It is so adorable!!!!!!!! :)


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