Monday, March 16

My Own Little Angelina!!

This past weekend reminded me of why I love the summer time!
Friends, family, freckles, fun- need I say more?
Parks, playgrounds, parties
Sunshine, smiling, summer (what reminds me of summer more than the word summer)
Running, rain, Ryan Seacrest
ok- I couldn't think of any other words that started with R- but Ryan seems summery enough
The sun is shining and I feel great- I feel alive and my soul feels rejuvenated!!
Doesn't this picture just scream rejuvenated soul?

We had such a great time Snellabrating in Detroit with the Weibes and, I am glad to report, we had many wonderful Sneibe adventures! We shopped, ate, went to church, went for walks in the park, shopped some more (of course), had a surprise early birthday cake for Justin, Played games, laughed, joked, and to end out the festivities went to the Detroit Zoo!

The Zoo was amazing! (I would like to thank our personal tour guide Jenny)
We were able to see a lot of really cool animals for instance:
Anteaters!!! They were amazing!
and Penguins- which Ruby really liked
The seal exhibit was another favorite

I am not sure if Ruby got the full experience- as she was busy with business a lot of the time....

This zoo is unlike any I have been to- (now that isn't saying a lot since I have only ever been to the Calgary zoo) but it was a really fun adventure....
I really love this picture! Look at the sheer joy on their faces!

To end out the day Ruby decided that she would like to go for a run. Now let me remind you that Ruby doesn't quite have the coordination that is required to run successfully (I am sure that this will come- unless she turns out to be more like me...) and she BIFFED it... This was her face as we were leaving the zoo-
My very own Angelina Jolie- except I think this one is way cuter!

Thanks Jenny, Jared, Eli, Baby Weibe, and Winston for having us and entertaining us! We are looking forward to many more Sneibe adventures...
And for all you readers out there stayed tuned for a special guest blogger in the next few days!!
As a side note- I love the store Anthropologie- unfortunately I can't afford anything there but I really love their style...


  1. Poor poor Rubelet (that's probably not the right way to spell it). If Henry were there I'm sure she'd like him to kiss it better. Which reminds me...Ruby has made it into Henry's baby book in the category of his first make-out...I mean kiss and I have the photo to prove it.

    BTW - you look ultra hot in that last photo.

    This is Kim...I guess I"m logged in under my older email.

  2. I think you look ultra hot in the last pic too..I thought "she looks ultra hot in that pic..I am glad I have the same hair" even before Kim said it!

    I looked up Anthrolpolgies website...I really really loved thier shoes and then I scrolled down and saw the prices and ...i screamed.

    good think I really like H&M too...

  3. You know what I love? Antenguins. 50% anteater, 50% penguin, 100% awesome. Too bad we didn't spot one this weekend!


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