Wednesday, March 11

The Little Fountain That Couldn't

So Justin and I have been trying to think of something to put in Ruby's room that will make a little noise and will, if all goes as planned, help her sleep better. During the winter months we have used a small heater- which worked well- but now that the weather is getting better we are looking to other sources of noise. We have tried a noise maker but she didn't like it and only slept a very short time when it was on. So we have been brain storming and Jus decided that a fountain would be the one to rule them all!! I wasn't so sure... He has been looking for one in every flyer possible and just yesterday our dreams came true and XS Cargo had the perfect fountain! SO- Justin went and bought it. It was $10 and looks like this:

It was going to be perfect- I didn't want anything too big or too much of an eye sore so when I saw this I quickly changed my stance and decided that this could be the answer...
Maybe this was to be the first XS Cargo purchase that would fulfill our expectations, that we would keep, and that we would be happy with.
So Justin quickly went to work putting it together (which can be rather difficult when the instructions aren't really instructions- thank you XS Cargo) while Ruby and I awaited the moment where we would hear the whirring of the pump and the soothing trickling of water...
The moment had arrived- Justin eagerly added the water and turned it on- we all waited.



'But it says 'The fountain's gentle flowing waters provide a calming effect as it soothes nerves and restores body, mind, and spirit. Creating a natural sense of peace, it helps to humidify your environment while adding a striking focal point to your decor.' It should work- its a TRANQUILITY fountain' says a deflated Justin.
Seriously- who would have thought that a fountain from XS Cargo would be SO quiet?
It did live up to other XS Cargo expectations as it only trickled water down the left side as opposed to the whole front as it was supposed to...
So in short XS Cargo has fallen short again- And we are looking to get rid of a fountain if anyone is interested.
It's REALLY quiet....
Justin's next noise maker endeavor- the odor remover he saw at XS....
I'll keep you posted.

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