Monday, March 30

Happy birthday Mr. Snelldog

It is Justin's Birthday today and what better way to say 'Happy Birthday' then to spotlight him in my blog and tell the world how much I love him and what a great person he is?
I know he will love it! (wink)
But a blogger must do what a blogger must do.
I REALLY love you.
You are an absolutely amazing person. In fact I am pretty sure you would be hard pressed to find a person in this world that doesn't like you. Everyone likes you. Especially me!
You are a go and do it kind of person. And I like that about you. You aren't afraid of any one or anything- or making a fool of yourself if need be.
You are hilarious. I love your humor. You make me laugh every day and my favorite times are when we laugh until we cry.
I am very proud of you and all the hard work that you put into school and family and church. You work very hard and it shows- and I appreciate it.
I am always amazed to see how your mind works- you can fix anything anywhere any time- especially if you have a zip tie handy!
You are a great father to Ruby and she loves you very much- I love to see that she is a dada's girl.... you deserve it!
You are a great husband. I am truly blessed to be part of your life.... I love you
And I had to tell the world. (or atleast our little blogging circle of friends and family)

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