Tuesday, March 3

Inventory of This Morning
Got up and showered
Made oatmeal for Jus and I before he left for school
Did the dishes
Said good morning to a grumpy baby
Made her breakfast
Got her dressed
Read her a few books
Sang her the snowman song
Decided that we needed to paint some boards that I have been waiting to paint
Put a load of laundry in
Got Ruby undressed (so she could paint)
Put some chicken in the oven for lunch
got the painting supplies
Started painting with Ruby
Realized it was a bad idea
Made her chocolate pudding so that she could finger paint with it

Dealt with the aftermath-

She didn't even touch her paper~ I guess now we know she likes chocolate pudding!!!
Wrote this whole blog with her squirming on my lap!
got her redressed
And it is only 10 am.....
I love being a mom

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