Monday, July 9

Home Sweet Home

Ok- we made it home.
This post is a little late- but my pregnant self has a hard time recovering.
I am still feeling constantly nauseous, but it is slowly getting better I think.
Anyway- we met up with my parents in Billings Montana and did a little shopping and eating and sleeping.
Then we decided that we would all extend our trip a bit and we headed over to Great Falls the next day.
Where we made the best discovery of the century.
There is now a Cafe Rio in Great Falls.
It is now my favorite Montana city hands down, no competition.
I don't care what Kalispell has to offer, if it isn't a Cafe Rio it can't be as good as Great Falls.
I ate a delicious pulled pork salad and I haven't felt that good for a long time.
I contemplated delaying our trip home for a few hours just so I could get another one.
I didn't, but I want to go back- SOON.
Anyone up for a trip to Great Falls? Not for the shopping just for Cafe Rio.
We got to Medicine Hat and are glad to be here.  We are settling in and enjoying time with family.
Justin is really liking his new job.
And I am happy to be making money.
It has been a while....

I have lots to update you on- I haven't even gotten around to telling you about our DC and NYC trip with the Hughes- and that is a real tragedy- so I do plan to get around to doing that...  Also we have been having some crazy summer fun over here in the Hat and it all needs to be documented...  I will do my best and fastest work soon...  I hope.

Tuesday, July 3

Destination Alberta Day 4

What yesterday lacked in adventure today made up for.
South Dakota is a gold mine of tourist destinations.
We were tempted by the billboards all along the way.
We stopped at the Corn Palace.
The only one in the world I might add.

We got some corn there and then left.
It was a much needed stop.

We continued our drive until the billboards lured us in again....
and our stomachs got the better of us we headed on to our next destination.

They have, hands down, the best burger I have ever had.

 Even Reader's Digest says so, so it must be true.

And their pie.  NO WORDS can describe the deliciousness.
It was so good.  I just want another piece right now...
It is almost worth driving through South Dakota again.
Just kidding.... kind of.  But really I'm just kidding.
We continued our journey but had to make a stop at Wall Drug.
 I mean they boasted free ice water- and it is insanely hot out right now!

 And we had been seeing billboards for it for over 200 miles.
It was a must stop.
Sadly it disappointed.
It was large, but after Casey's the food sadly disappointed.
And the ice cream wasn't that good.
And we have no need for needless tourist stuff.  And it was stinkin' hot.
So if you are ever travelling through south dakota- don't get lured in by the Wall Drug billboards.  Just go to Casey's instead...

And finally- Mount Rushmore.

The end to a very long drive but lots of memories made.
I think it was worth it.
I can easily say that when the day is over.

Tomorrow- on to Montana- and we get to meet up with Grammie Ruby and Papa Ken!  Ruby has been looking forward to this day for a long time!!!

Destination Alberta Day 3

We crossed 2 state lines today.
Finished up Wisconsin (and the cheese), into Minnesota, and finally South Dakota.
Lots of driving and not much to report.
We crossed the Mississippi River too.
I like the Mississippi.  It is always a sight to behold.  I would like to take a steam boat down that river one day.  I think they do that...
Tomorrow on to MOUNT RUSHMORE!
All of my travel dreams come true!!!!

Sunday, July 1

Destination Alberta- Day 2

We have made it to Madison Wisconsin.
We visited 3 states today- Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.
The day went well.
We had a lot more kids sleeping and a lot less Noni squirming.
We passed the University of Notre Dame.  It made me think of the movie Rudy.  Was it about the University of Notre Dame?  I could google it- but no time for that.
Anyway it was neat- fun to see- even if it was only in passing on our way to the highway...

We had a lot of toll paying today- that third axle is really killing us when it comes to tolls!
We stopped in Chicago to see the temple there.  It was really beautiful and unique- a nice stop along the route.

The gate was locked so we couldn't get in and had some trouble turning around in the trailer after we took some photos but Justin is a whiz when it comes to trailer hauling so he got us out of there in a jiffy.
We are just relaxing and enjoying ourselves tonight.
The kids swam- I relaxed and Justin did most of the work.  Well, I continued to grow a human so I guess I am working too...
Tomorrow on to South Dakota!

Happy Canada DAY!


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