Monday, March 2

How could you?

How could anyone say that this cutie face was a boy face?
It seems that no matter where we go Ruby is always mistaken for a boy! ' Hey there little guy, buddy, boy, mister.... ' (insert any masculine 'cutsie' name here) Justin and I politely say- 'Say Hi Ruby' or 'She is 18 months old' etc etc. Guaranteed if we go out someone will call Ruby a boy. I have had her dressed in pink pants, a pink top, a pink sweater and a flower in her hair and STILL she is mistaken for a boy... If only her hair would grow... It doesn't bother me too much (just enough to write a blog about) I just find it quite interesting- are people naturally prone to call all babies a boy baby first? Or is it just my sweet Ruby? Well if it means anything Justin and I think she looks like a little girl and a cute one at that!!!


  1. I dunno if people are prone to calling babies boy, because quite a few people seem to think Jack is a girl. It drives me bonkers when I have him dressed all in blue and trucks.. seriously people look at the clothes before you say he or she!

    anyways I think ruby is an adorable girly girl too!

  2. Hey Cheryl, I'm totally stalking your blog, and I hope that's ok. I just had to comment on this one! Every time I look at your pictures of Ruby, I think she is a VERY cute little GIRL. And I don't see a boy at all... Not that you needed support on your stance, but SHE is very cute!

  3. haha oh cheryl, ruby SO looks like a girl...those people are obviously stupid or maybe it just shoots out of there mouth kind of like verbal diarhea.....maybe they don't think and just say ya know?? haha anyways, she is a girl!!! let the whole world KNOW!

  4. People always call Eli a girl. Of course, it could be the pink pants, pink shirt, pink sweater, bow in his hair, and necklace, I don't know?


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