Sunday, October 27

Pre Halloween Apocalypse (Is that a little dramatic?)

This is what our day looked like yesterday.  We spent the morning, while Justin was out saving the world one eye ball at a time, decorating for halloween.  Which I have never really done, but really love.  Ruby and Noni had a great time too figuring out where they wanted the caution tape and the bats and how they wanted to create the door monster.  (I of course added a mustache, nothing is complete without a mustache- except Justin I prefer his face to be mustache free)
 Take note of the pumpkins in the background- A good friend and I made those together and I love them!  They look so amazingly awesome.
 The weather was so terrific we sat outside and rode our bikes and played and decorated outside the entire morning. It was amazing.  In fact I almost forgot that I lived in Canada and thought we might have an enjoyable Halloween this year.  Then it snowed this morning.  I mean really?  It ruined almost all of our halloween decorations, a few of the bats are missing, the monster face is water damaged, the pumpkins are blown over and everything is covered in a thin layer of snow.   And we are all inside cozy under blankets.  I hope I can survive this winter....
On a positive note- I am excited to for the kids costumes this year.  I just let the kids decide and be whatever they wanted to be.  Ruby decided she wanted to be a Vampire spy, Noni decided he wanted to be Ninja with a popcorn head and a green eye and Eldy decided he wanted to be popcorn.  (I know that Eldy is so clever)  More of that to follow.  I have high hopes that I am back on the blogging train!!

Saturday, October 19


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