Friday, December 24

Kiddies at the grandparent's house

Here are some pictures I took of the kids with my new phone. This is Justin by the way. I'm testing how easy it is to do a blog post from the phone. I know, I'm a nerd. But where would all you cool people be if you didn't have us nerd-o's around to make you look good? Anyways, enjoy the photos and a merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 21

We Are Here, We Are Here!!!

We, the Snelldogs, are back in Alberta.
We are back.
For good.
Well as far as we know.
We are excited to be back but we will miss our good friends in Utah.
I will really miss JOANN.  And of course, JC Penny.
Not to mention our mexican friend Cafe Rio.
And our oddly named friend who always seemed to have everything we needed whenever we needed it.  TARGET.
They will all be greatly missed.
But it is good to be back with family and for Ruby to be reacquainted with her cousins and for Myers to actually meet and get to know them!
I guess saying goodbye to certain friends is worth it.
Farewell Utah....

Saturday, December 4

How I would use a Nokia N8 this holiday season!

We have to make a big road trip home to Canada from the USA this Christmas season (me, my wife, and two kids).  If I had a nice shiny N8 on hand I could use Ovi Maps to guide us home and take pictures and videos of the beautiful landscapes along the way with the 12MP camera and 720p video recording.  It would also be nice to have the built-in FM transmitter to play our tunes as we drive.  I'm sure there will also be times when the kids would appreciate watching a little cartoon on the phone.  At the hotel, I could use the HDMI (or TV) out to watch shows or play games on the hotel TV.  I'm sure I'll be customizing it and downloading apps along the way as well.  It would also be great to have at Christmas to takes pictures and videos of the kids opening their presents.  As we are going to be travelling a lot this Christmas season, the N8 would be a perfect tool to keep up to date with my emails, facebook, and twitter.  In short, this phone would help make our Christmas GREAT!

I'm trying to win a phone! (This is Justin BTW)

Hi friends and fellow blog-readers.  This is Justin doing all the hard blog-post-creating today.  I decided to give Cheryl a little break.  She works so hard to keep everyone updated on our goings-on.  All from this little 10" netbook with tiny little keys to type on!  You should all give her a virtual pat on the back (or real one if you are close to her back in the near future).  Anyway, the reason for my taking the initiative to make a post is a little bit (completely) self-serving.  So sit back and I will unfold the mystery to you before your very eyes.  (Now that you're all captivated I wish I could make one of those scary faces pop up on your computer screens and scare you all).  Anyways, back to my story:  You may or may not know that I fancy cell phones, especially those of the 'smart' persuasion.  Well, I've started entering contests to win various smartphones because I like smartphones and I like winning things, so it only stands to reason that I would like winning smartphones.  The one I currently have my eye on - (my right eye that is, it's my dominant eye) - is none other than the Nokia N8.  It's pretty and you all know how I like pretty things (like Cheryl).  Well to make a mid-length story a bit longer, there is a little competition that Nokia is putting on where they are asking regular Joe's (such as myself) to write a blog post explaining what I would do with a Nokia N8 for the holiday season.  If I am chosen (like the little green aliens on Toy Story) they will lend me an N8 for the holidays, and if I make a second blog post at the end detailing what I did with said phone, they may let me keep it!  So the next post will be a short detailing of what I plan to do if they lend me this phone.  I'm excited!  On a side note: Go Christmas!


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