Tuesday, September 28

The Lord of The Ring

No- we didn't meet Frodo down here.Though I hear he resides somewhere in the Wasatch Mountains.
Ok- I made that up.
I haven't heard that anywhere.
Ok- I also admit that I know that all of you already knew that.
And I didn't need to clarify.
But I thought it was funny.
Input- anyone?
Anyway- tally ho, onward to the real meat of this post.
As we have already clarified- it is not Frodo but our own dear sweet hobbit- Noni that I am speaking of.
You have to admit that he does have some hobbit-like qualities.
He's small, He's cute, He has a large head in comparison to the rest of his body, he doesn't wear shoes, he is extremely loyal (except when he chooses Justin over me), he loves second breakfasts, and he has hairy toes.
In fact- I didn't realise how hobbit-like he was until I compiled this list...
Well, minus the hairy toes bit.
The last and most hobbit-like quality that he possesses is his uncanny attraction to his teething ring.
He loves that thing.
He has to have it in his hand to sleep now.
No soother for this guy anymore- just a ring in hand is required.
He takes it on our walks, he eats his second breakfasts with it.
If he wakes up in the middle of the night and I put it in his hand he settles right down.
I'm just saying- if there was a ring to rule all babies- it would be this one- and my baby would be the keeper of it.
Though it wouldn't have all those bad qualities about it.
Its just an innocent teething ring.
I swear...
He is such a sweet little hobbit....
I am really excited because....
Nienie is talking soon!
On Thursday in fact.
And we are going.
Kids and all.
Perhaps all of my dreams will come true....
Perhaps I will meet her.
And she can meet my baby- ring and all....
I'm sure she would like him....

Saturday, September 25

Did You See Me?

I was there!
At the conference center...  During the Woman's Broadcast.
Did you see me?
I tried to make myself noticeable...
Luckily if you didn't get to see me- you will have another chance!
Justin and I will be at the Sunday Afternoon session of General Conference.
Now that you have advanced warning- be prepared!
And keep your eyes open!

The session was wonderful!
I was able to be in the same room as President Monson.
It was wonderful.
I feel blessed to have had the opportunity.
I didn't have tickets- and I wasn't sure if I would be able to get in.
But Justin drove me down and we took the chance.
And it paid off!
I walked onto the temple grounds and they were giving out tickets!
And I got floor seats right in the center.
It was amazing and wonderful.
If you didn't get to go to the broadcast you should take the time to listen online.
It was that good!!

I am grateful to be in Utah and to have opportunities like this.

In other news-  KATHY HAD HER BABY!
A little girl- Hannah Jessica Vos.
I have it on good authority that she is super cute and cuddly.
I just hope that she is giving my sister a chance to sleep....
I love her already.....

Tuesday, September 21

A Little Warning Would Have Been Nice....

Nobody told me I would find spiders like this down here.
(don't be deceived- that is one honking huge spider.)
I mean if I thought about it I am sure that I could have deduced that there would have been.
We do live in a warmer climate.
But I shouldn't have to think about things like that.
Someone should have just told me.
For future reference could you please prepare me?
Just so I don't freak out in front of the neighbors next time?
It is hard to make friends when that is their first impression of you.
Just a little warning would be nice.
And for those of you who knew that I would face 'arachnids of unusual size' and didn't tell me...
Shame on you.

Oh- and I just found out that NieNie is speaking at BYU on September 30.  I'm going....  and I would love all of you to join me!!!  So grab your passports and COME ON DOWN!!

Recently I picked these fabrics up for really cheap at a local quilt shop- which I am now in love with...  The quilt shop that is- and the fabrics... I am excited to see what they become...  Aren't they beautiful?

And lastly- MY SISTER IS HAVING A BABY TOMORROW!!!  I wish I could be back in Alberta to help her with everything, but alas- a blog shout out will have to do.  We love you- we love your babies and we are very excited to meet the new addition soon.  Just don't let her grow too big before we get there... deal?

Sunday, September 12

Star Struck

Friday was a great day for us.
I searched all over Utah County for some swimsuits- which I eventually found.
Justin went to work.
We all came home and had a nap.
Then we headed out to find the final swimtop that I was looking for
With much effort- we went to the first installment of THE ROOFTOP CONCERT SERIES...
 (That's Benton Paul- check out his song 'I Only See You'
it's pretty awesome)
It really was a lot of effort-
and we almost didn't go.
But boy- that would have been a HUGE mistake.
We showed up late (because it was so much effort) but we enjoyed every second.
Justin and Ruby danced the night away.

While Noni slept in the ergo and I swayed.
And then Noni woke up.
 (Isn't that face awesome)
And danced in the ergo.
I spent most of the time looking for Cjane, Chup (her husband), and NieNie (of course).
In between the searching we all enjoyed the music and the fresh outdoor provo air.
And then I spotted him.

He was there.
(I swear we aren't creepers or stalkers- just inspired by things they have to say- or write)
The concert ended and we took our tired little kiddos toward the car.
And we passed him.
I was excited- and I dare say Justin felt it too.
The excitement.
We walked about 10 steps and then I stopped.
I really wanted to tell him that it was an amazing concert and that we had ALOT of fun.
If it wasn't for Justin I wouldn't have had the guts.
But he started the upward climb towards him.
And we stopped.
And we talked to him.
We told him what a wonderful time we had and how great it was.
He agreed that it was fun and thanked us for coming.
He was really friendly.
And I spotted Cjane and her kids in the car that we were near.
I thought it was a little too creepy to walk up the window and knock on it.
So I didn't.
I'll have another chance...
There is another Rooftop Concert October 1st. 
We'll be there- and this time we will be on time and bring chairs. 
Oh- and I'll meet Cjane.
I'm sure...
It was seriously so fun.

I want to do it again today.

Thursday, September 9

Olympic Fountain

So- to tell you the truth- I have been chasing Shade Clothing around Utah trying to get the best deals possible...
I now have enough swimsuits to last me a lifetime and I couldn't be more excited.
A whole beautiful, wonderful swimsuit for $14.  I couldn't ask for more... really.
Anyway- while on the last excursion we happened upon the Olympic fountain at Gateway Plaza in Salt Lake.
It was worth the trip!
And no need to worry I had no water up the bum incidents like last time.
If you are unfamiliar with that time- be sure to read up on it here.  It was awesome.
We definitely enjoyed this fountain- and will be visiting again soon.
We need to get back there before it gets too cold!
We`ll be back- preferably earlier in the day, before its too cold, and when I have more battery life left in my camera...  I only had enough for these two pictures.
But don`t worry- I`ll get more- I have a lot more shade shopping to do....

We have some fun plans for tomorrow!!  We are going to the Rooftop Concert Series in Provo.
That`s right- its a concert, on a roof, for free!!
It should be fun!
You can check out more of the details here- you know- if you want to join us.....
Maybe I`ll get to meet NieNie... Then all my dreams would come true....
WHAT!  You don`t know nienie?  You don't know English! 
Check her out... very inspirational... very awesome.
I just want to meet her.

Oh- and while we are talking about stuff- Clark and Jayne had their baby- today.  Apparently everything went well- and they will be down here to join us on Monday....

Wednesday, September 8

How Are We Doing?

We are often asked 'How are you doing?'
I enjoy this question- so keep it coming- I love to hear from you guys...
I thought it was time; however, that I did a mass blog about our 'doings'
Besides the-
van mirror being busted off. We are doing really well.
I really have no other word to explain that except- busted.
It really was and is.
Before you get the wrong idea-

I had no part in the busting.
Except for the innocent bystander part- if that is counted as a part.
He backed up and didn't realize that there was a pole right beside him....
But no need to worry...
Justin fixed it up with gorrilla tape.
It look almost as it was- see for yourself

I mean besides the minor cracks-
but those are barely noticable right?

We also found out on sunday that we have been going to the wrong ward.
Yup- I mean who would assume that the building right across the street would include our ward.
Only crazy non-Utahns.
There are 3 buildings close to us and we are in the FARTHEST ONE.
There is a building right across the street from us.
Only half of our complex is lucky enough to go there.
The rest of us have to haul our butts ONE WHOLE MILE to church.
Can you believe it?
We are so hard done by out here.
In our defense- we had no internet so Justin just went to the building and asked and was told which ward to go to, we gave our address and everything to the ward clerk on the first sunday and he didn't say anything, and even a member of our bishopric wants us to keep coming to the wrong ward.  He must think we are awesome- or they need the numbers..... hmmm.

We are loving the weather, the targets, the shopping, our apartment, the Cafe Rio (which we went to last night- delish), the time spent together (because we have no TV and only one set of friends so far), and the fun.  We are looking forward to more adventures in the great Utah and only wish that everyone was here to enjoy them with us...

It looks like we may have some room during conference time... any takers???

Two Flour Girls and a Dough Boy

The winds of fate were blowing in my direction today.
Ruby, Noni and I went on a hunt today for a store- which apparently exists- just not where my GPS tells me it exists.
We never did find it- I`ll have to look for it later.
Anyway- while on our fruitless wild goose chase we found this little gem.

Which had apparently already been discovered by none other than TLC.
I don`t know what show or when or what time or any details actually- all I know is that some show with this store involved will be aired on TLC sometime mid september- and we ate there.
Yup- we are pretty much famous.
I brought Justin back a cream puff and a lemon square (delicious) just so he wouldn`t feel left out.
They had a little castle that we ate in and Ruby loved it!  There was also a little kitchen that she could play at- she loved that too.  And I loved that she loved it because it meant that I actually got to eat my meal without chasing her around the restaurant, Noni in arms...
We had a great time there-
And Ruby`s favorite part you ask?
And I don't blame her- it was delicious!

Monday, September 6

'Broke My Back' Mountain

We barely survived but we did.

We hiked up to the Timpanogos caves.
It took us about 55 minutes to get up there.
I had the privilege of carrying the Noni.

Justin carried the Ruby.

She did walk some of the time but Justin definitely did his fair share of carrying.
We are sore.
More sore than I have ever been.
Every inch of my body hurts- and I expect that it will for a LONG time.
The Savages came along for the torture.
We were all wiped out by the end.
I am telling you that hike is hard.
There was a point where I wasn't sure if Noni and I were going to make it.
But we did.
And we were the first ones to get up there.
 (You can't see him- but he's on my back)
It was a close race.
But we won.
We are that awesome.
I would even go as far as to say that we are unbeatable.
I challenge any mother/25 pound infant combo to a Timpanogos duel.
Bring it.  But please wait until I am healed...  That could take a long time.

Just in case you don't believe that it was hard there is no denying these pictures.

That is true blue- through and through genuine SWEAT.
And to prove that we made it to the top- we have this picture.

We explored the caves and enjoyed every moment of it.
Despite the desperate attempts of the ranger tour guide.
He did all he could to make sure that every aspect of the tour was a downer.
No talking.  No laughing.  No having fun.
His only rules.
He didn't know who he was touring though.
He didn't succeed in his fun squashing.
And I think it annoyed him...
Ruby just discovered the true joy of 'thumbs up'.  She can also jump consistently with two feet!!!  Hooray!!
Here she is jumping up the cave steps.
Isn't that an incredible view?  It was AMAZING!
And for your pure enjoyment.....
Here is our after picture.

ALL the kids fell asleep on the way down.
Ruby even looked up at Justin on our way down and said 'I think I might fall asleep.'
30 seconds later she was.
This is what we all looked like.
Its not pretty- but its honest.
Ruby looks exceptionally happy.  I think its because she didn't have to carry herself up or down that mountain...
It really was a great experience.  I am proud to say we did it.  I DID IT!  I carried that baby and it was awesome.

Friday, September 3


Two things-
1. Ruby loves boats.  She loves to play 'boat'.  It is a fun thing for her and she is always pretending that her bed or the couch or a chair or a random anything is a boat.
2. We have no toys- except for Henry and a few essentials.  When you have no toys you need to get creative.
So we did.
And we made these.
I would be lying if I didn't say that I love my boat design.  And Noni loved it too...

Ruby got a little bit lonely so she went and picked up some friends to take along for the ride.  We had to do some adjusting afterward- since she had so much stuff in there she couldn't even fit in herself...

I was so proud of Ruby- she really did well decorating her own box.  We had a lot of fun!
Even Myers got involved!
Maybe a little too involved.  I found a googly eye in his mouth...  I wonder if I will find one staring at me from somewhere less desirable tomorrow....

 And he may need to hone his 'getting out of the boat skills'.  He just couldn't seem to figure it out today.

He may not be able to figure out how to get out of a boat but here is a picture of him STANDING.
I can't believe it.  This kid is crazy.

It was a lot of fun seeing Ruby's creative side.  And as I was laying down with her tonight I asked her what her favorite part of the day was- and after some thought she said 'making the boats.'  And that is saying a lot since we also went swimming in our pool today....
And she loves to swim.
Tomorrow on the agenda- Homemade strawberry freezer jam.
It is going to be awesome!
Oh and locating a cheap, working washer and dryer.


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