Friday, February 27

Homeward Bound!!!

Well- we got up and ate a delicious free breakfast and then we headed home...
We had an awesome time in Montreal and Ottawa- it was really fun! Thank you Clark and Jayne and Ainsley for coming with us and entertaining Ruby!

Some of my favorite moments from the trip are:
When Clark told a lady that Ainsley was 8 years old
When Justin told the old french man that Ruby was his granddaughter
When Justin asked for a 'hit' of cheese instead of shredded cheese
The NUNS- seriously
Jayne and I always being unsure of whether or not we should pretend to know what is going on in the conversation or just look lost....
The best pitas in the world
Free breakfast!!!
The history of Canada that we got to experience!
Least favorite parts of the trip

Singing Snowman a million times
eating out everyday- every meal....
Carrying a 25 pound baby in the carrier

It was awesome!!!! I am so glad that we went!

Now stayed tuned for some real blogging! Coming SOON- to a computer near you!

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