Thursday, March 26


Today was get things done day. Justin got the emissions test on our van done and I am happy to say that it passed- a definite relief. Then we went to visit my most dreaded professional of all professionals-
THE DENTIST- dun dun dunnnnnn
Yup- my most dreaded- and i don't use that term lightly....
I hate the dentist. It all stems back to the genetic make-up of my parents teeth that they so lovingly passed on to me. (I think I mostly blame my dad. I am pretty sure that he has the same cavity prone teeth as me and my mom has great teeth).

Hi- my name is Cheryl and I am prone to cavities.
There... I said it....
And when I say prone I don't mean that I get 1 or 2 every time I go to the dentist- I mean I get 8 to 10 every time I go to the dentist. (and I go every year)

So this year the count is as follows
Justin: 2 Cavities
Cheryl: 1 (very small) Cavity*

Yup that's 2 to 1. I am the (lack of) cavity champion of 2009!!

A picture of us and our newly shining smiles!!!

* I am not going to mention that my mouth is pretty much all fillings- so there isn't a lot of room for cavities in the first place...

Another comment on the dentist- The Hygienist that Justin and I got could have seriously worked for a company that tortures people.
I have never had my tartar dug out so intensely and with as much zest.
The suction has never sucked such a high blood to saliva ratio.
My eyes have never shed so many tears.
And my gums have never swollen to such a size as this.
But truthfully my teeth have never been so clean.
So I ask you was the Hygiene Nazi worth it??

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  1. well the question you want brown rotting teeth or nice smooth white teeth that make you never want to eat again?


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