Thursday, November 26

A Whole New Meaning to New Moon

I went to see New Moon tonight
I liked it
Yes its cheesy
Yes its awkward
Yes Bella breathes weird and really loudly
Yes Jacob is shirtless for most of the movie
Yes Edward has weird teeth
Yes the acting isn't the greatest
Yes the theatre is packed with screaming teenagers- and older women...
but I still liked liked it
It was fun
Even if we got the last 3 tickets and Heather had to ask some random ornery guy to move over and we had to sit in the 2nd row and i could barely fit between the people and the seats when I tried to get our seat- there was some serious butt in face and knocking over drinks and stepping on toes and squishing baby action...
I couldn't fit with my tummy and my bag- I almost had to leave one or the other behind. It took the whole 'please don't steal this movie and put it on the internet- that's a criminal act' segment just to get to my seat. I started before Kim and Heather and they were already seated and staring at the catastrophe that was me by the time I was able to make it to my seat. I almost gave up half way and sat on the skinny tweens lap that wouldn't move her legs but I made it and was able to enjoy my front row-everything looks a little distorted and blurry- but we have no other option- seat.
It was well worth all the hassle- and we didn't even have to wait that long for our row to clear out so the chubby preggo could make her way home. I swear the seats in the very front row are closer together than the ones in the back.....

The Little Van that Shant

So we have a van...
Yes we only have one child and yes we would probably (ok definitely) fit in a car- but we have lots of friends and we like to go on trips... and I love my van.
I will say that when Justin told me that he found a van for us to buy when we moved to waterloo I was a little shocked and critical. But it turned out to be the best decision and our van is awesome...
Well its awesome in the fact that it is definitely a van, and it definitely fits us and all of our stuff when we go somewhere.
But maybe not so awesome in the fact that it doesn't go anywhere.... well not anymore...
So I guess if your definition of an awesome vehicle includes one that runs then you wouldn't like my van... but part of me is emotionally attached- it has taken us so many places and given us so many memories....
So now the story of the Little (or large) Van that Shant
It all began in the fall of 2007 when Justin and his dad bought a sparkly new Chevy Venturer
Ok it wasn't sparkly and it was only new to us but we were glad to have it.
It served us well for the first year
unless it rained- because then it would leak all over the drivers side chair
and your bum would get wet every time you sat in it and it smelled really musty
and the heat wouldn't work in the back- just the A/C
and the unlock button on the drivers side didn't work
Then the next year came and the intake manifold gasket was replaced
then the A/C wouldn't work in the back- just the heat
And the Anti lock brake system stopped working
And the All Wheel Drive stopped working
And the wiper on the back window stopped working and started making a loud squealing if we turned it on by accident
And the power steering pump started making a constant high pitched squeal
But we left for the summer and forgot all of the problems the van had
Then we came home...
And the passenger window is now finicky and won't roll up sometimes
The unlock on the passenger side won't work
Then the major problems began
The van began over heating
And the head gasket had to be replaced
And the water pump
And then Justin discovered that one of the fans (that probably caused those 2 problems) wasn't working and it cost us $13 to fix....
What else could go wrong?
We were feeling pretty good
Like maybe our van issues were behind us
Until the transmission started breaking down 3 days later.....
After making that list it seems like we got a lemon
But still part of me is unnaturally attached to this van
It has been so good to us
I don't know if I will ever be able to say no to more repairs.....
When will this ever end?
And what else is going to happen when we get the transmission fixed?
I mean really what more could go wrong?
I hope that our mechanics- or the PJs- as we like to call them-
since that is what their names are
can work miracles
cheap miracles..........

* I also wanted to give a little shout out to the Hughes! They are visiting us for the week and we like them and never want them to leave--- they are fun....*

Tuesday, November 17

The Hop, Skip and a Jump Maternity Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!

The Hop, Skip and a Jump Maternity Frock GROSGRAIN GIVEAWAY!!!!
Once again I hope I have a little luck. I should really let Justin do this- he is the one who wins everything....
But seriously I have about 6 weeks left and could definitely use a little lift to my wardrobe... if you can call it that....

Famous Neighbor

Yup- I bet you all wish you had a famous neighbor like I do!
You can check out her handy work here.
Pretty awesome!!!!
She is super talented as you can all tell!!
I have never seen a 4 color pen depicted in such an artistic way....
Thank you Jayne Hyde for opening our eyes...
*Ok- so the link apparently isn't working so I will just give you instructions on how to get there... Go to
click english
go to the very bottom of the page and click site map
Then go to the very bottom again and click photo gallery
In the drop down menu click august 2009
Then look for Jayne's picture (it is the first one in the second row)
Hopefully that works for you all....*

Monday, November 16

Once Upon A Time...

As I sit here Ruby is reading herself the book that I have previously read her about 5 times this morning... Dr. Seuss's ABC Book.
Her version is a little different that Dr.Seuss's however...
Hers goes a little something like this:
'Once Upon A Time there was a girl-o named Ruby and she was beautiful and she played alot and alot and alot Max and Ruby.' She then repeats this until she has gotten through every page and reaches the end of the book where she says 'A zizzer zazzer zuzz as you can plainly see.'
I personally think she would be a great author.
I would read her books....

Tuesday, November 10


So I love a good bargain- I mean who doesn't?
Since I was young it has been ingrained into my mind that you always shop around and look for the best bargain.
It can be the death of me when I am faced with a good bargain and my better judgement kicks in and tells me 'No you don't need that' and I am forced to walk away.
It happened today.
I was on my daily trip to Michaels- (I don't usually go every day but I am in charge of Activity Days and have been making some purchases for that which have required a 50% off coupon- and those of you who know Michaels know that you can only use one a day- hence my daily visit to Michaels....)
I was quick this time we were trying to get to friends house on time and Ruby was a little bit restless- so we got our goods and got into the shortest line.
There was only one lady at the till and she was buying a whole bunch of Halloween and Autumn scrapbooking and crafting stuff.
It was ALL on major clearance
And I mean a major clearance- 70% off or more
I didn't ask exactly how much because I knew that if I knew I would be more inclined to buy more martha stewart glitter, and autumn brads than one could possibly use in a lifetime. I mean seriously who needs 3 different colors of orange glitter?
(on a side note I had indulged earlier in the week when I found a good deal on some Martha glitter)
I ended up going to another till- one to speed up the process- that lady was taking a long time- she had definitely indulged beyond her better judgement... and 2 to get out of the situation and stop myself from picking up Ruby and running to the clearance section bulldozing anyone who decided to get in my way just to see how much orange glitter I could possibly carry out of the store for a super deal...
I must say I got out of the store with only the one purchase I had to make.
But when I got to the car I seriously considered going back in- and that was AFTER I had strapped Ruby into her car seat. Yes- I was willing to unstrap her and haul her back in to look at the craft stuff and then buy it and then haul her back out... CRAZY I know.
I thought about it all the way to our friends house...
I told my friend about it...
I thought more about it...
I got in the car to go home after the play date and almost went again...
I got Ruby home and thought about it all through lunch...
I had a nap to stop thinking about it...(and I was tired- probably from thinking about it)
And then I told Justin about it
But I am proud to say my thinking about it has lessened and I no longer have the urge to run out and go get some unnecessary craft supplies.
Kind of lessened anyway.
I mean it is only 7:42 and the store doesn't close until 9....
I am not a shopaholic
Or at least I don't think I am
Maybe I am and it is going to be a long road to recovery because I haven't even made the first step yet- admitting that I have a problem....
I just find it so hard to pass up a deal like that.
What if I need a brad that spells autumn one day and I have to go out and buy one at full price?
Or what if one day I find myself needing 3 different shades of orange sparkles and I just don't have them?
Or Autumn ribbon?
Or Halloween stickers?
What will I do then?

As you can tell it is really hard for me to pass up a good deal- but I am learning.
I am going to Michaels tomorrow for my daily jaunt so we will see how I stand then...
Hopefully strong....
Or maybe my arms will be full of glitter....

Sunday, November 8


*So I started writing this post- and then...*

What is with making bread in the breadmaker?
It is an art that I have not yet conquered- but Justin and I just keep trying....
This is Justin's attempt today-

We had to cut the extra flour out of each piece before we ate it- and it didn't rise AT ALL... It did taste good but just wasn't the wonderful loaf that we were expecting.

And my attempt today-

(photo will be revealed at the end of the post)

Don't judge us on our breadmaking skills we are still good people I swear...
I have been able to make one good loaf of bread and one good set of buns (Justin has not been so lucky) but they were with white flour- the two loaves pictured above were made with spelt flour....

*So I wrote that post- and then my loaf of spelt bread came out looking like this*
It overflowed the container and touched the top of our bread machine!!!
And the above post didn't seem to apply to me anymore... It is now somewhat irrelevant.
But I took the time to write about it so I thought I would post it anyway.
But apparently only one of us in this household is bread maker challenged now....
Sorry Justin...

Sunday, Sunday

Today was a great Sunday- even if Ruby only napped for 15 minutes and our car was in the shop so we had to hitch a ride to church and Justin had to speak-
It really was a great Sunday!

We were able to get to know some people in our ward better because of the service they gave us
Justin gave an amazing talk on being self- reliant
And because Ruby didn't nap we decided to take a walk and get some pictures of her cuteness- and she had the time of her life picking up rocks and running through the goose poo infested fields....

Some Pictures of OUR Cuteness....
And Seriously- WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN.......?????

Thursday, November 5

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I just saw this and it all looks amazing!! I think Ruby would look awesome in it all!!!
Now if only I had enough luck to win something....

Tuesday, November 3

One More Life Experience

Chalk another one up to a life experience for Ruby....
While travelling today to get a few errands done our van overheated- so after stopping and turning off the car- letting it cool down and then starting it again- it did it again and I was forced to stop in a parking lot with nothing to shop at except the dollarama.
Now don't get me wrong I love dollarama- so this wasn't the worst experience in the world.
So we went in and picked up a few essentials- you know- cinderella lip balm, a cinderella bookie, some hair accessories and a winnie the pooh reusable bag for her to carry it all home with. Just a few essentials of a 2 and something year old girl. (I do know what the something part is in months but I didn't think any of you would really care to know that information)
While we were browsing the aisles (which are very narrow I might add) a man on crutches came the other way-
And before I knew it Ruby stuck her leg out and tripped the poor man

Just going to let that settle in

and now I am going to let you know that that was just a joke....
She didn't trip the man-she's not a monster- he did have crutches and was missing one leg though.

No Really

he was

Ruby didn't do too bad in this new situation that she was encountering. She has never seen a person with just one leg before. She didn't point or say anything but she did stare with puzzlement in her eyes not sure what to think. The man didn't say or do anything though I am sure he noticed her stares- she was only about a step away from him.
In that moment I realized how innocent she really is- and all the life experiences that are yet to come for her....

Like when we drove home and had to stop 3 times because of the over heating of the van. So I was cheering the van on and the heat (because that wasn't working either) telling them to come on and get us home.
So Ruby joined in cheering- 'You can do it heat! You can do it van!'
And we got home.....

Sunday, November 1


YES He does and so do we!!!

I took Ruby out and took a few shots of her for Justin's mom and a book she is putting together for Christmas. I love this picture so much- and I hope that I can instill in Ruby and our future children a sense of the love that Heavenly Father really does have for them. We are all truly children of God and I am grateful for this knowledge...


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