Saturday, June 30

Destination Alberta Day 1

Are we seriously doing this again?
Driving across the country?
Does that seem insane to anyone else?
It seems crazy to me.
How did one year go by so fast?
I'm not done my Ohio Favorites posts (don't worry)- just taking a break while we DRIVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY AGAIN.
I'm feeling super nauseous right now so that might affect this post a little bit...
Anyway- all the work is done everything is packed up- our van looks like this-
 and we are on our way.
We did a few last minute things this morning, said our goodbyes, and were on our way.
We took it pretty easy today- only going about 5 hours driving time- it took us about 7 so that should tell you how well the day went.
It mostly went like this.

(That's an angry face)
But we made it.
We are officially out of the state of Ohio.

One day down.
We are sad to leave Ohio.  It just doesn't seem real.  We had such a great year- definitely tough at times but it was great.  We will dearly miss all the friends we have made.  We are grateful for all of the service they have given us- especially during this move.  And we are grateful for their friendship.  I hope we can all keep in touch!

Now on to new adventures.

Friday, June 29

My Favorite Things Ohio #7

Fireflies, Lightning Bugs, Nature's Magic- whichever you prefer.
I love them.  They are natures magic and my favorite thing to see at this time of year.
The kids love them too.
Myers loves when they 'light up the bum'- his words, not mine.
One of my favorite memories of Ohio is of the first time we saw the splendor that is the lightning bug.
We had just signed the lease for our rental place and were heading out to Columbus for some meetings that Justin had to go to the next day.
We decided to take some of the smaller highways to get there (I can't remember if this was by choice or accident) and headed through Amish country.
It was beautiful- and then the sun went down.
The whole country side was COVERED in lightning bugs.
It was so beautiful.
I wish there was a way to describe it that would do it justice.
It was like the stars were on our level and we were driving through them. 
I will forever love that moment that our family had.
It was a great welcome from Ohio.
Since it was our first memory of Ohio it is only fitting that it was also our last.
The last night that we were there we stayed with our good friends the Wright's (whose help the last while we were in Ohio was greatly appreciated.  They did a lot for us).
Justin and Tim were off finishing packing the trailer and doing the very last vaccuum of the place and picking up some Handel's milk shakes for us to enjoy.
When they got back we headed to the back yard for some firefly catching.
It was great.  It was definitely a wonderful last memory of Ohio and good friends.
Unfortunately fireflies aren't that good at getting their pictures taken.  So you will have to take my word for it.
I will definitely miss the Ohio magic makers.

Wednesday, June 27

My Favorite Things Ohio #6

I love that we can rake our leaves into the gutter and the city will come and suck them up with this contraption.

I hate raking leaves (you may remember how much) but if I am going to rake them then at least I have the pleasure of watching them get sucked up by something cool instead of having to rake AND bag them.

Monday, June 25

My Favorite Things Ohio #5

Handel's Icecream

I know I have talked about them before- but seriously- their strawberry milkshakes are to die for.
This time we called up some friends and met them there for one last Handel's Hurrah.
(Honestly though- I think I must go back for just one more quick milkshake)
(These friends- the Wright's- are also one of our favorite things in Ohio.  Though technically they are people and not things...  Regardless, we will miss them.  And our random runs to Handel's)

The kids got their traditional baby cones- just enough icecream for them to enjoy...

I got the handel pop.

They were out of vanilla so I got the strawberry.  I would stick with the vanilla next time.
Translation- the strawberry was a disappointment- another disappointment- the apple dumpling sundae,  just don't do it.  Stick with the strawberry milkshake or any flavor of the delicious icecream.
And Justin got an oreo cone.  I think he found a new favorite icecream...
We ate and laughed and watched Noni run- which is quite entertaining.
He was lucky enough to get 2 baby cones (one of the other kids wasn't feeling well enough to eat hers) and savored every moment.

There is only one ice cream treat that I know of that rivals Handel's strawberry milkshake- the Peter's raspberry sunday.  MMMM  I look forward to having another one of those soon- and the onion rings...
But what I love about Handel's is that they actually make their ice cream there and it actually tastes like it is home made.  Unlike other places that claim to be home made but just taste like any store bought ice cream.  This place reminds me of the ice cream that we used to make at the science center with liquid nitrogen.  No ice cream is as good as that- but this comes close.
Seriously- try the strawberry milkshake- extra thick if you dare.  But if going for the Handel pop- always get VANILLA.
Oh Handel's how we will miss you.

Sunday, June 24

My Favorite Things Ohio #4

The fact that it takes us less than 5 minutes to walk to church.

We walk up this street

turn the corner

turn it again

and there we are.

Ruby loves to ride her bike and Myers loves riding in the push car.  It is a great Sunday morning walk.  We will definitely miss it.
We have really loved our ward here and the people that we have met.
We will forever be grateful for their kindness and service and their dedication to making us feel welcome and at home.
We have made many great friends here- that we hope to keep in touch with.
I always looked forward to Sundays and the camaraderie that they brought.
(Yes I used the word cameraderie)
Part of my heart will always be here in the Alliance ward...
We will miss it here.

Saturday, June 23

My Favorite Things Ohio #3

Our Movie Theatre.
I love our movie theatre.

Our whole family can see a movie there for 11 dollars.

That is unheard of.
The best part is- it takes us about 5 minutes to walk there.
On Saturday we went to see Brave.
We loved it.  Ruby got a little scared when the bear came out- but Noni just laughed...  

Ruby in her brave dress...

Noni with his long lost brothers.  I am pretty sure they based these characters on him.  He would make a great quadruplet, and he would be such a cute red head...
But seriously- 11 dollars.
This movie theatre will be dearly missed....

Thursday, June 21

My Favorite Things Ohio #2

 Papa Bear's Pizza.  Seriously THE MOST DELICIOUS PIZZA EVER.
We discovered it just a couple months ago and have been sure to enjoy it as often as we can!
We love it and our love for it only grew when we tried their alfredo sauce pizza.
Bacon, green pepper, mushrooms and alfredo sauce- pure perfection on pizza.  (Though I would add pineapple but that is the one topping they don't offer...)
Even the kids can't seem to get enough!
We will miss Papa Bears when we are gone.  And sadly I think tonight was our last dose of it.  But it was definitely savored and enjoyed.
Especially by shirtless Noni.

And no- I will not admit how many pieces I ate today- I mean it was our last, and I AM pregnant.  I think I have a free pass.

Wednesday, June 20

My Favorite Things- Ohio Edition (MFTO) #1

This one should come as no surprise to anyone.
If you know me- you know of my love for Target.

We headed there today to get some special gifts for the kids (for all their hard work during the garage sale).
I haven't been there in a while due to my constant nausea but it sure was nice to walk back into those doors, and be greeted by the workers who recognized us (just kidding).
It felt like home.
I will miss perusing the aisles looking for the sales and the great deals.  Those one of a kind finds that are no where else.  They always have something that I love.
I know they are coming to Canada but I am not convinced they will be the same, in fact I am convinced it won't be nearly as good.  But I will take what I can get.  Hopefully they build in Medicine Hat!!
Until next time Target,  until next time...

Tuesday, June 19


Things have been a little crazy here for the last while and mostly I have been sick- therefore the lack of posts.
This pregnancy is kicking my butt and my only hope is that I will feel better soon. 
I am now 14 weeks- and hoping it is smooth sailing from here on out.
Our time here in Alliance is limited and I want to make the most of the time we have left.
Justin only has 8 work days left.
I feel both excited and sad as is to be expected with change.
Being sick has made it easier to leave,  I just need my mom.  And there is the proof that no matter how old you are you always need your mom.
Anyway my plan is to show you my favorite parts of living here in Alliance. 
The things that I want to remember in the years to come.
I hope to be able to show you something each day until we leave.  
There is a lot that I do love.
And I think I am finally feeling good enough to actually go to the places that I love.

While you wait for those thrilling posts I will leave you with a short update.

We headed to Kalahari this weekend with some of our great friends from Ohio- the Wrights.  (We will miss them)  It was a way to celebrate father's day and our anniversary all in one.  We are big Kalahari fans and are even thinking of stopping in at the one in Wisconsin on our way home.  It was a ton of fun and the kids loved it.  Myers fell asleep in the wave pool once again.   And don't worry we kept up the tradition and got ourselves some delicious dippin dots.  Rocky Road and my favorite- Banana Split.  It was a great time and tired us all out, but I want to go back again- I just love it...

I'm still sick.  Did I already mention that?  I just haven't been this sick with any other pregnancy...  I don't know what to do with myself...  I am hoping it gets better soon.  Justin just can't do everything forever.  

We had our first garage sale- it was fun!  
Once again Justin did most of the work- but the great thing about him- he never complains.  We sold almost all of our stuff and everything we didn't sell we left on the side of the curb and put free on our yard sale signs and went to get some ice cream.  When we returned everything was gone- except this lonely chair.  I guess it really was THAT bad.

I have gotten us about half way packed.  That may be a little bit of an overestimation but it makes me feel better.  Now we just need Justin to stay healthy and we will all survive this move.

We are deciding on our route home- we wanted to stop in at Mackinac Island again but decided against it.  It didn't add very much time on to our trip but once you get that far north it is pretty much deserted and it would make for long stretches between hotels.  So we are figuring out our next course of action.  It will be truly snellerific I am sure.    

And just a quick note on our little Noni.

Right now he insists on being called Horton.  Which he pronounces 'Borton'.  But DO NOT call him Borton.
He also will not tolerate ANYONE calling him cute.
If you do decide to call him cute he will answer- 'NOT CUTE- BIG.'
And he will probably growl at you.
Also a bum is now called a bum cracker.  And he likes to lay the smack down on bum crackers.
We are working on his aggressive side.

There is a lot to do here before we leave- but I do hope to fit in lots of fun too.  Ohio will always have a special place in our hearts....  And the fireflies are back- I will miss the fireflies...


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