Sunday, May 20

DC Finale

To finish off our time in DC we fit in all that we could.
(I thought this funeral home was awesome- farewell bacon.)

We saw the Lincoln Memorial (the reflecting pool was under repair- so no reflecting for us)

Notice Ruby in the front of the photo- what a cute head.

Who knew Lincoln was so BIG in real life?  This is a true to scale sculpture- right?

We saw the Washington monument-  (don't let that water fool you- it is NOT the reflecting pool)

Kim was very disappointed in the disrepair of the reflecting pool.

We saw the White House (front and back)

(Why do I look like such a nerd in this photo?  And why is Noni not looking in ANY of these photos?)

Ruby trying to break in. She didn't get very far before the secret service was on the scene.  (Just kidding- she got all the way in, I couldn't believe it)

And we walked some more.

We made Justin watch the kids most of the time.  He did a pretty good job- If only he could figure out how to hold hands, carry Noni on his back, AND push a stroller.  Next trip I guess...
When we were all done in DC we headed to Georgetown for some cupcakes.  I had been looking forward to them ALL weekend- then we got there and the line looked like this.  (Out the door and ALL the way up the street- a good 2 hour wait)
So we skipped the cupcakes and just got a passing photo.  It is just as good- trust me.

All in all- it was a great time.
My favorite place to visit was the Washington DC temple.
And the Lincoln memorial was a close second.

It was fun spending time with friends and I always love an adventure.
After DC we headed back to NYC- to do a little more exploring!
I love NYC.  There just is nothing like that place.
The traffic was horrendous this time- but we still made sure to enjoy ourselves.
We did a lot of exploring of Long Island as well.
More to come on that in the future!

Washington DC- Sunday

We headed to DC with the Hughes and I am finally getting around to blogging it.  It was a great trip.  My favorite day was Sunday- so I will start there!
We headed to church near the DC temple and ended up going to the spanish ward conference by accident.  It was definitely a little bit of a surprise but they did translate most of it so we still were able to enjoy the meeting.  We were a little bit out of place but no one seemed to care.
The temple was the highlight of the day.
I couldn't believe how big it was- and it was so beautiful!
Ruby, always a true lover of all that is beautiful, loved it and the gardens around it.

The visitor's center was a nice reprieve from the hot hot heat!

 I just think they are so cute chatting with eachother.  I wish I knew what they were saying!

 Ruby admiring all of the flowers.

 And we ended the day with Noni getting his head stuck in the gate.  I mean, it wouldn't be Noni if he didn't do something awesome!

We had a great time there.  It was nice to spend the time with friends and to teach our children a little bit more about the gospel and temples.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday....

Saturday, May 19

Snells + Hughes + DC= Pure Awesomeness

We finally made the much anticipated and frequently rescheduled trip to Washington DC!
I have wanted to travel to DC for years and finally my dreams came true...
It was also great to be able to meet up with good friends along the way!
Mark and Kim met us in DC and we spent 3 awesome days exploring!
We were all looking forward to this trip and after some schedule maneuvering and waiting to get over sicknesses we finally made it happen.
Our first day we had a little bit of a late start.
The traffic was insane and the construction was even crazier, but we finally found a suitable place to park and eat (number one on my list these days!) and were able to do some exploring in the hot hot heat.
But it is DC and there is a beautiful fountain every few feet- that we may or may not have been allowed to wade in- but we did anyway.
That first day was all about wading in the fountains and trying to prevent Justin from getting heat stroke.

Of course Noni found a way to fall in...  But he was cool the rest of the day.  I wanted to jump in myself...

We also learned a few lessons that day- like the fact that we need to limit our sausage intake at the free breakfast at the hotel.  It catches up with you later.
We did a lot of walking the first day.

Stopped in  at a few museums as well!
Ruby learned all about the Wright brothers (who were born in Ohio- hence Ohio is 'the birthplace of aviation)

 And we learned a lot about dinosaurs and diamonds.  It was fun- and the best part- FREE!
It was a long, hot day- filled with friends and fun- so who can complain?

Friday, May 4


I recently found this in the depths of my blogs that have never been published and thought, if no one else, at least Jared and Jenny would enjoy this blast from the past jem of a post.  So without further adieu I give you Jared Wiebe (the now lawyer), I'm still not sure why this was never published...

I would like to introduce my first ever guest blogger- You may know him from such bands as J-dog and the Midnight Rhythm Lords, or his more recent highly successful band Serotonin- he is in school to become a lawyer and aspires to one day rid this world of tax evasion- Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together for ----- Jared (aka J-rod) Thomas Wiebe.

Like Chermyl indicated my gang name is J-rod, but what she hasn't told you is that this is my first time ever blogging and this experience could be it... I may never blog again. Who knows? But what I do know is that if the counting crows call, answer because they may never call again. What I don't know is anything about blogging. I've read a fews things I thought were blogs but they turned out to be forums. And before that I had always used "Blog" as a substitute curse word. And before THAT... Well, OK, I'd better take you all back to the beginning.

In Junior High I wasn't able to type more than 5 words an hour and I only used one finger per hand. Most kids at that time worked at bettering their typing skills because in computer lab if you could type 5 Words aminute with more than two fingers you could play the graphic intense "Oregon Trial" or the original Sim City... Well I was not into square green graphics or grey boxes with half eaten rainbow apples so I stayed away from computers because at that point what did they really have to offer?

By the way - who would ever chose the stage name "Norman Gentle"? Try "Meat Loaf" or "Stir Fry"

Anyway, by high school computers had color screens and there was a free audio recording program called Cool Edit. With it I recorded my first Band's music (the first band I'll admit I was in). We ran one audio cable all the way up the stairs into the computer room, then added a bunch of messy reverb then recorded a few more vocal tracks over the main track like Buddy Holly. Back to the point - in order to record music on the computer I needed to know how to type ... so now I'm up to 5 words a minute with 2 fingers going on each hand (imagine if I could use three fingers per hand?)

And now I am blogging? I'm on the interwebs. I've decided to only guest blog instead of start my own because I would likely never update it (like I never update facebook).

Justin, Cheryl, and Ruby came to visit us in Rochester Hills, Michigan. They are our best friends and I was so glad to get into school here because we would be close to them. We see them more often than we did when they lived half an hour away in Calgary - that was both of our faults just in case that sounded rude.

Cheryl and I were talking about somehting (she was not being cogent) then Ruby said "Dada" and I said "Ruby do I have a shirt for you!!"

Well I have to go play a game now... maybe I will blog again and maybe the topics will be...

discount teeth whitening
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Dancing with the Stars
two-state solution

Soon the Sniebes will be together again!  Since this post was written- we had Myers, Jared and Jenny have had Silas and Baby (still yet to be named), they have moved back to Alberta and have a real job and a van, we moved to Ohio and are soon to move back to Alberta (we always had a van).  Life moves fast and I am grateful for good friends....


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