Saturday, June 29

Kijiji fiend

I have been a crazy kijiji fiend as of late, I frequent the site looking for awesome deals and the perfect furniture for our house.  Which for the most part I have done pretty well.  I am still looking for that one amazing gem, but when I find it you will know.  Anyway, in my site visits I have seem some interesting things.  This one, however, wins first prize. 

Hair of Micheal Jackson, Price: CAD 100.00

Someone was selling Michaels hair, 40 dollars per inch.   A good buy I say if you are planning on cloning him... I guess then we would be able to verify the true source!

Monday, June 17

A Magical Day at Costco

Sometimes things are just meant to be.  You end up in the right place at the right time.  Well this one particular weekend was that.  We decided to head to costco to get a few things and when we arrived there was a police car, a fire truck and an ambulance in the parking lot.  Upon further inspection we deduced that they werent there because of an emergency but they were there to entertain.
We took the kids over and enjoyed looking at all of the different vehicles and speaking to the operators.  
Arrest these nerds!!!

 And he did!!

Contrary to what this picture says- she really did enjoy herself!

After having all the fun possible we headed inside to finish our shopping, and what surprises us there?

 They held Noni there against his will.
 Ruby thought it was awesome.  Especially when we saw tinkerbell and cinderella eating in the food court.  But I dare say they forgot their manners...

And just when we thought we had seen it all what to our wondering eye should appear?  But the helicopter!  We were able to watch it land and be the first to explore!
 The kids liked the helicopter the best.  But really, who doesn't?

And in case you thought we forgot eldy at home- we didn't, he was there... being stinkin' cute as usual.

Sunday, June 16

Nerd Alert

It always amazes me what a nice outfit can do for the mood.  It just puts a little pep in your step, ya know?  lately I have been thinking a little bit more about my style and just going for it.  If I think it looks cool I will wear it.  I am in love with colored and patterned pants right now, they are awesome.  As long as it is modest and awesome there is nothing I will say no to.  I have decided that I will never again say 'i will never wear that'.  Except when it comes to overalls I really cannot foresee ever wearing those again.  But I have been known to eat my words as of late.  But really, I won't wear those again.
I thought it would be kind of fun for me and my posterity if I documented some of the things I now wear that I swore I would never wear again.

Tapered Jeans.  I mean honestly, not those nasty things, right?  Well as it turns out- I wear those almost every single day.  And they are awesome.  And just to add insult to injury, sometimes they are colored and patterned!!  My favorite are the flower ones.  I know!!  I don't want to talk about it.

Nerd Glasses.  I love nerd glasses.  If I could have 20 different pairs I would.  I think they are awesome.  The bigger the better.  I keep saying- only to a certain point, but lets be honest, just when I get used to one large pair they don't seem so large anymore and I just want to go bigger.  I love the mad men look.  I cannot believe that I am now wearing the same type of glasses that I have relentlessly made fun of my parents for.  And the craziest part?  I think they look awesome.

Jean Shirts.  I don't care what you call it.  Chambray or jean it is all the same to me.  Except its cool now.  Ridiculous I tell you, ridiculous.  But awesome.

Neon.  I haven't totally grasped this trend yet, but I am sure I am on my way!


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