Friday, June 26

Water Park

Ruby has many favorite places this summer- but the one that tops them all is the spray park in crossfield.
Any time I ask Ruby what we are going to do or where we are going to go she immediately says 'waterpark'.
This is what happened the last time we went:
Happy to be there- but still not in the water...
What happens after she accidentally gets a little bit of water on her....
More crying....
Receiving comfort and warmth from her cousin...
Hiding from the water.... But doesn't she look so cute???

Regardless of all of this- she still loves the water park and wants to go everyday.... I am sure she will love it one day.... Until then it is towels covering our bodies for us!

Friday, June 12

Decisions, Decisions

It is that time again-

Time to get a new pair of glasses!!!


Oh the life of a soon-to-be Optometrists wife whose husband is working at an optometry clinic so I can get glasses for cost

Can I get another WHAT WHAT!!!

Oh and we have a little bit of coverage with the UofW so that helps too!!


So now I have decisions again-


Here is the first pair I really like

The only think that is stopping me is the color- they are pink- and I mean REALLY pink...

Now the whole point of this blog was that I was supposed to put both pairs that I was looking at up but the other picture SUCKS - it just doesnt do the other pair justice-

So it wouldn't be fair....


Then I guess it wouldn't be fair to leave you hanging either....

So here you go no matter how bad it is.....

(Oh to have a professional photographer following me around all day....)
How can you tell I took this one myself?

Monday, June 8


There is snow outside-
Ok not right now but there was snow outside a few days ago-
(I am a little bit behind in my blogging- if you hadn't noticed- and I found that my first line loses a little bit of its lustre if I say- there WAS snow outside instead of there IS snow outside)
There is snow outside right now- in the middle of June- in Alberta
Not a big surprise.
This is the point in a blog where the complaining begins- but not in this blog
I am going to look at this snow as an interesting event that helped to shape us Albertans into who we are- and if you like you may change Albertans to Canadians- though I am not entirely convinced that you all experience it like we do.
( Now don't go sending me hate-blogs- I don't mean anything by it I just think SOME of you not ALL of you have it pretty nice)
Anyway snow in June
On the radio as Justin was driving to work they said something along the lines of- 'Well it is pretty normal to have snow in June since it is a transition month from winter to spring'
June 21 is summer solstice- that would indicate that we are nearing summer from spring- which means spring is almost OVER>>>>
Silly radio personalities
Anyway I don't think people should be trying to explain the snow away- I say embrace it- enjoy the forced day inside. Its not like the snow even lasts a full day anyway!
I think this snow in spring almost summer- makes us Albertans STRONG- Bring it on...
We can do anything if we can endure snow anytime of the year
Anyway- now that that snowfall is out of the way I am going to enjoy the rest of my sunny hot weather!!

On another note- I am not dead, I still have fingers, and my brain is somewhat alert= I just have no energy so my blog has suffered. I am going to do better- I swear.
I have had a few emails from concerned readers- snelldogs will live on- I will try to force some creativity out of me.....


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