Thursday, April 30


We are at the resting point of our trip
And what better place to rest then in the home of Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Dwight and the rest of the gang?
It just Justin, Ruby, me, the office, and thirty thousand pounds of bananas
its a song
One that my dad played for us on many long road trips
A song about scranton and thirty thousand pounds of bananas
when our laptop starts working again I will link it for you
-don't ask-

And don't ask about the undercover cop and his mannequin passenger
- I have already said too much-

Next stop- MARTHA STEWART- wish us luck!!!

Saturday, April 25

Old Friend FOUND

The following lyrics need to be sung to the tune of 'Red and Black' From Les Miserables

The time is near
So near it's stirring the blood in my veins!
And yet beware
Don't let the packing go to your brains!
For the army I fight is a dangerous foe
With the shoes and the socks that we never can match
It is easy to sit here and swat only flies
But the mo-ove out date will be harder to match.
I need a sign
To rally the people
To bring me their arms
To bring them in line!
Red - the blood (and sweat and tears) of angry me!
Black - the dark of ages now!
Red - a world I hope will dawn!
Black - the night that never ends!

Ok I hope that you all know the tune and could sing that- it sounds way better when you sing it...
I admit that I am wasting my time. I have been packing for about 3 weeks now and we are at the tail end. Unfortunately I am not where I would have hoped that I would be by now- but as you know Ruby has been sick
and now the new development-
I mean puking, fever and the runs.
And this time a cracker isn't going to help...
So here I am trying to keep Ruby contained in one room at a time while I pack. Not an easy feat. And I can't get anyone to come and help (except Shandelle) because some would classify us as a bio hazard. I'm going to need infection control soon.

Somehow I envisioned our packing days being a little different than this.

As for the old friend that has been found-
I found Justin's esprit hoodie.
In his drawer of all places.....

Wednesday, April 22

Ruby want a cracker?

Ruby has been excruciatingly sick these past couple of days.
I mean fever in the 40's puking, 16 times in a 12 hour period, not sleeping, not eating, not doing anything but laying, taking tylenol, and drinking plenty of fluids (well whatever we could force her to drink).
Justin and I have been worried and last night was no different.
We were woken up around 3AM by Ruby's crying- nothing would calm her. She didn't want water, juice, gingerale, milk, tylenol, a mama nuggle or even her favorite- a dada nuggle. Nothing- we were out of ideas.
Until inspiration came to me- she must be hungry- maybe she wants a cracker- and surprisingly that is what calmed her.
A cracker....
I know it seems minor and not a big deal but all I can say is that it was at the time.
Call it what you may but I say-
YEAH for mother's intuition.
I think woman are amazing and we are blessed with many gifts- I am especially grateful for mother's intuition- I am grateful for MY mother and her intuition- she continues to amaze me.
I think I am finally getting the hang of it... even if it is only to know that Ruby may want a cracker!
Now I am not going to mention the millions of crumbs that are covering our bed... I just try to ignore them as I sleep...
I also want to mention that I am grateful for the priesthood which Justin holds- it too is an amazing gift for our family.

Saturday, April 18


So here is the story:
I was recently at the zoo with Jenny and near us there was a man smoking in a non designated smoking area. He obviously knew that he was not supposed to be smoking there as he was trying to hide it from everyone. So Jenny said something to him- something along the lines of 'Excuse me sir- I don't think this is a designated smoking area!' He replied back and there were some bantering back and forth until Jenny won the fight and the man begrudgingly put the cigarette out on his hand and our lungs secretly cheered! (thank you Jenny) This is where the story ends and a new one unfolds....

And now the rest of the story....
I went for a walk about a week later with my other friend Jenn and I was recounting the story to her. We were walking down the street and were almost to the corner when I got to the climax and I loudly exclaimed 'Excuse me sir- I don't think this is a designated smoking area!'
Well I was unaware of the woman and her child across the street- which wouldn't bother me- or them normally except for two things. Number one- this woman was dressed somewhat manly and at a quick glance could have looked like a man and Number two she was smoking. Apparently she looked over at me shocked and surprised as she blew smoke all over her child. And all I could do was whisper 'turn turn turn' to Jenn so we could turn the corner and not have to cross paths.....
So this woman not only thought that I was telling her not to smoke on the street (not such a bad thing) but she also thought that I was calling her a man (not so good...)

So now you know the rest of the story....

For Humor sake I had my friend Jenn write her own rendition of the story so ENJOY!!!

The sequence of events that transpired on this mornings walk according to Jennifer Neeb -

Under a crystal sky in a cool breeze, Cheryl and I took our cherubic toddlers out for a walk to bask in the warm sunshine on this would be perfect day. Cheryl was regaling me with exciting tales of her "girlie road trip" to Michigan last week. As we strolled along Cheryl began to tell a story about a most unfortunate incident at the zoo in when she and her friend Jenny- Weibe (she always calls her by both names. Always.) were accosted by the most pungent insult to the nose, a man smoking in a non smoking zone around their children. As Cheryl became more animated in her tale I glanced across the street we were walking on and thought Cheryl is such a marvelous story teller it is as though I am watching it unfold in front of me. A man-woman as described in the story was curling her lips in front of me, daring me to say something as she blew smoke rings over a small child on a bike. I watched as the remainder of carcinogenic air wafted over us.


I watched in horror as Cheryl noticed only now this man-woman in front of us with the thick cloud around her. She continued walking ahead as he/she snarled at us.

"Turn Turn Turn" Horrified, Cheryl pulled us over to the street away from this person who was certain had just been hollered at by Cheryl who was only coincidentally telling a story of the same situation.

Cheryl had been just telling me how proud she was of Jenny- Weibe for standing up for the rights of their lungs. Well looks like you too, however unintentionally stood up for ours as well (sort of)- for that we thank you (it was also the hardest I have laughed all week...for that I thank you even more)!

Friday, April 17


It was beautiful out today- Ruby and I spent the whole day outside.
My outlook is now brightened
My hair is now lightened
My body is tired
My day was awesome
And I now look like this:


I blame Jenn......
But I look forward to many more days like this- but with the added protection of sunscreen....

On a side note I went to Superstore to buy some more natural sunscreen (without all the added junk) that I had been talking to Jenn about- I was quite happy with myself that I found some and because there was no price written under it I made a quick mental note to watch as it went through the till and check the press. Well of course I forgot and when I checked the bill I saw that it cost 30 dollars. Now that is a little steep for me- I will keep looking. Unfortunately I had already paid at this point so I had to go to the customer service to have it refunded. I just thought that it was a little ironic and perhaps a little interesting to see the beet red girl returning sunscreen. When the attendant asked if there was anything wrong with the product I should have said 'Yah- can you see me? Apparently this natural stuff isn't worth 30 dollars'...
Just thought it would be funny.

Thursday, April 16

It's BA-ACK!!!

If you have been calling me lately you may have noticed that I NEVER answer my phone. Don't take it personally I still love you all and I have a good explanation for the lack of answering-
I physically could not keep track of my phones. I never knew where they were and frankly I didn't care. I say phoneS plural because I had one phone (my samsung) and lost it -case and point- and then used another phone (my old Nokia) while I was waiting for my Nokia E71 to be replaced.
My phone meant nothing to me- I could not make myself keep track of it or force myself to feel any remorse when I missed a call.
This has since been remedied- all has been made right in the world.
My new Nokia E71 is now in the hands of its rightful owner- ME.
Your calls will now be answered and I will now know the whereabouts of my phone at ALL times-
And it will never be near liquid- you can count on that.....

So we are back in the game and tetris wars are back on.... Though in my phones absence Justin has found a new game that he loves- Pokeman (is that how you spell it? I have never had to spell it before and frankly I am too lazy to check it out on the interweb).
Here we are sporting our Nokias. You are never to young to have a cell phone right?

Thursday, April 9

Girly Road Trip

We are here- we made it! After car repairs, a sick kid, and a border patrol guard who stole my oranges holding us back- Ruby and I made it. We are now nestled safely in the humble abode of Jare-Jare, Windat, AAALI, and Jenny Weibe.
Ruby and I took a road trip to Jared and Jenny's for a few days so that Justin could focus on studying. Our main objectives of the trip- Have fun (but not too much we don't want Justin to be jealous) and make some amazing felt food.
I'll post our progress when I am a little less tired....

And Justin- WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! We will be home soon!!

Monday, April 6

It Is That Time again

About 2 months out of the year Justin, Ruby and I are living among boxes, 4 months out of the year we are living out of suitcases, and a mere 6 months out of the year we live in a somewhat well organized home that we can call our own.
AND it is that time again- the time for living amongst boxes. I have started packing- and am about half way done- which is huge for me seeing as it is only the 6th of April. There are boxes in our entry way, boxes in our hallway, boxes in our bedroom and boxes downstairs.
The hard part is figuring out what we can live without for four months. The worst is figuring out what clothes to pack of Ruby's and mine.... I don't want to bring anything that Ruby will grow out of- because let me tell you that 50 pounds that we are each allotted is P R E C I O U S.
So I am constantly thinking of what needs to be packed next, what we can live without, what needs to be cleaned, what food needs to be eaten before we leave, and what needs to go to the Sally Anne.
Atleast it is a good excuse for a major Spring Cleaning every year.
What makes all of this worth it you ask?
We are living 40 hours away from our family for most of the year so when we get a chance to go home for 4 months we take it. This will be the last summer off while Justin is in school so we are going to enjoy it!
We are coming home!!!!!

Sunday, April 5

The Fort

Snelldog Instructions for building a snellerific fort:

List of Materials:
One couch
One love seat
One Chair
3 blankets
One Mother
One Father
One family friend (Shandelle)
One Rublet
One camera to take video and pictures

1. Situate couch and love seat so their backs are facing each other
2. Place 2 Blankets over top
3. Place one blanket as the door
4. Enjoy your new home

Result- a fun time had by all

To increase the fun tenfold place child on the 'roof' as per her request. Be sure to have someone holding the blanket roof down on either side.

Result- a fun time had by all

To increase the fun and danger level an hundred fold have mother lay on the 'roof' with child. Have family friend lay on the back of one couch to hold the blankets down and father hold the blankets down on the other side....

Result- One couch fallen on the floor- scary- one father letting out a few girl screams, one child who is fine and had fun, one mother who cannot control her laughter at the father who is screaming like a girl, one dazed friend, and one interesting video.
But in the end a fun time had by all.

Disclaimer- do not try this at home- this was done by trained professionals and thankfully no one was hurt.

***To have a more successful attempt at mother and child laying on the roof of the fort have family friend simply hold down the blankets and not lay on the back of the couch....

(Video will be available for purchase at your request- simply contact me.)

Thursday, April 2

Dance Inspiration

I love to dance but:
I am not a dancer- well not individually at least. I just don't have the rhythm- I need Justin's rhythm to make up for my lack thereof.
I love to jive and dance with Justin
but get me on the dance floor in a circle where everyone is and is not my dance partner and I freeze.
I turn into Megan Joy from American Idol- I am stuck in one spot doing the corkscrew looking like a fool- not exactly sure what to do with my arms but I become the lead singer of the song that is playing thinking that it makes up for it all.
Just talk to anyone who knew me in my youth dance stage... it was not a pretty sight.
I still to this day am self conscious about my dancing in public but am slowly getting better. Dancing in the comfort of my own home is another story entirely- I can let loose and be free.
Recently I have found some inspiration- give me a little Jason Mraz 'I'm Yours' and some Ellen DeGeneres dance moves and I am transformed into a lean mean dancing machine!!

Just a little dance move to inspire you all- I call this one

I will have to master my dancing skills if I ever want to fulfill my dream of being the lead in a Broadway musical...

Wednesday, April 1

Sugar Shack and Sweet Water

Justin turned 29 on Monday so I wanted to make the weekend special and have a little celebration the whole weekend.
We started off with the Snelldog big birthday breakfastravaganza bash- where we ate waffles, fruit, whipping cream, sausages, ice cream, french toast, hash browns, orange juice, and chocolate milk.
The we went to St. Jacobs and went on a horse drawn tour of the maple syrup farm near us. It was really neat- we were able to 'tap' our own tree
See how sweet water was turned into maple syrup in years gone by
Eat pancakes (the one thing we were missing from breakfast) with light, medium or amber syrup
Pet some animals they had there
Taste sweetwater and maple syrup on a stick

And walk through mud
It was definitely a one of a kind experience...

Snelldog Dictionary
Sweet Water- The sap that is extracted from trees and used to make maple syrup.
Sugar Shack- The building where all the magic happens- where Sweet water is boiled and condensed to make maple syrup.

On Sunday we went to a potluck dinner and I made Justin his yearly black forest cake- which was a hit and thankfully- yet unfortunately- there was none left to bring home...
To end off the festivities Justin and I were able to go out for dinner (thank you Clark and Jayne for watching the Rublet), be entertained by the couple behind us that was breaking up (and blowing their noses very loudly) and see a movie. Can I just say the life of a mall cop seems truly glamorous! I want to be a hero just like Paul Blart!

It was an amazing weekend birthday celebration I am already planning next year.... My only dilemma is how to top a horse drawn tour of a maple syrup farm?


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