Wednesday, January 25

Niagara At Night

We went home for my sister's wedding.
We decided that the best and cheapest way for us to do that would be to drive back into Canada and fly out of Ontario.
We wanted to fly out of Waterloo and visit old friends there but all the flights were booked so we chose the next best place- Hamilton.
Not once did we think about whether or not this was a really GOOD idea.  Turns out driving 5 hours to stay overnight and fly REALLY early the next morning wasn't the WORST idea... though it wasn't the best either.  Turns out flying into Toronto on a Sunday afternoon and then driving 5 hours that same day (because Justin had to work the next morning) through a blizzard WAS the worst idea.
We did survive and were even able to see the Niagara Falls a way we have never seen them before- at night.
It was really cool and Ruby loved it.

They shine some colored lights on the falls at night and they are really pretty.  It was deserted as well- just us and the falls.  Definitely a new way to experience it.  Super misty and wet (as per usual) but luckily it wasn't too cold so we were still able to enjoy ourselves.

It really is moments like the- small memories that we make together that I love.  We could have easily bypassed the falls, we have seen them before, but we didn't and it may have been a little bit of a pain, and kind of annoying when all we wanted to do was get to our hotel room and rest, but it was worth it and it always is. I just love moments like this.  Stories to tell.
They had a lot of other fun things going on there too- they had a Disney themed Christmas light show that you could drive through- Ruby also loved that.
All in all it was worth it, and it felt nice to be back in familiar territory.
I am always amazed at the beautiful wonders of the world and I really enjoy nothing more than sharing these special memories with my family.

Wednesday, January 11

Noni The Warrior King Turns TWO

Myers turned 2 while we were in Alberta- I can not believe it!
We knew that Justin wasn't going to be there so we made sure to celebrate it with Justin before we left.
Here is Noni in all his half naked glory.  
That kid seriously loves to be naked.
He was pretty lucky this year he got to celebrate his birthday 3 times with 3 different desserts, mini cheesecakes, ice cream cake, and this monster cake I made him.  (I saw it on pinterest- that site is awesome!)
I did run into a few mishaps- like the cake being lopsided- but I think it only added to the full effect.  

Myers loved it.
And of course what is a birthday party at Grammie's without a hot chocolate party?

To my little Noni,
You will always be my little Noni- even when you are fully grown and have children of your own.  (Though lets face it- I can't even begin to imagine you all grown up)  I don't know how the name stuck I never thought it would but it has and I love it and I love you.  You are a wonderful, sweet little boy.  You are always the first to comfort Ruby when she gets hurt, though that is normally because you are the one who caused the hurt in the first place and are therefore the first one on the scene.  You do love to bug Ruby and she, for the most part, loves it.  My most favorite thing that you do is when you hug me around the neck so tight and say 'Love Mommy'.  It just melts my heart.  You have the sweetest little face and the largest round eyes.  I love your craziness and your love for battle-axes.  You weild a sword well my son.  I love that your head seems to be a quarter of the size of your body and that when you get really tired it seems to be too heavy for your body and you go into tripod mode (your head and feet on the floor and the same time).  You tend to go into destructo mode around 4:30 and don't come out of it until bed time.  You do not like heights and hate being thrown in the air.  You have recently gotten into putting your hand into your diaper and so we have had to take drastic measures and put you back into a onesie.  Those are really hard to find in your size.  You will copy every thing that Ruby says or does and are so darn cute when you do it.  I love to hear you talk and to watch you learn and grown.  You are not afraid of any one or any thing.  You will take anyone on in a wrestle and I often see you taunting the larger kids...  You are solid and are definitely built like a rock.  You are a rough and tumble boy and I am loving every minute of it.  I really love you.

Tuesday, January 10

Clay Making

My new favorite thing to do with Ruby is work with clay.  This is a picture of the nativity Ruby made last Christmas (when she was 3.5)  I am in love with it. 
She loves to work with clay.  From left to right they are the shepherd, sheep, cow, Joseph, baby Jesus and manger, Mary, donkey, horse, wise man, and on top the angel and a star.    I love the eyes.  She loves large eyes- and if I had a close up of baby Jesus you would see that he has one large eye and one small eye.  I love to see her create things with her hands- she loves it too.

This year I made nativities to give away for Christmas.  I made 14 of them in total.

My little army of Josephs and Marys.
The finished product.  This is of course the small version but I have made the 'extended' version in the past.  I like giving these to people I love.  They are inexpensive but take lots of time so they are full of heart- and super cute if I do say so myself.  
Stay tuned for the clay cake toppers I made for my sisters wedding!

Friday, January 6

The Perfect Day

It finally snowed here- though as I write this post all of the snow has melted leaving the grass green and luscious once again.

But while the snow was here we did our best to make the most of it.
We dressed up in all of our gear- though we had to remove layers since it was SO GORGEOUS outside!
We did get a chance to make a snowman- which is the only semblance of snow left.

Ruby made the head- all by herself and the eyes.

I love the eyes.  They really just make the snowman.

Ruby insisted on a snowball fight.
I tried to warn her about my uncanny ability to undoubtedly hit her in the face with a snowball, she wouldn't listen.
And I ACCIDENTALLY hit her in the face with a snow ball.
I ACCIDENTALLY got Myers too.
They are just moving around so much while I threw those snowballs.
I will say there is nothing more fun than throwing snowballs at my kids.  They love it- and lets face it- I love it.
They take it pretty good when they get smucked in the face (by accident) and we just have a good time.
It was fun.
BUT just between us- I'm glad it melted and I hope it never comes back.
There- I said it.
If Ruby knew she would not like that I said that- she is a huge fan of snow and can not understand my dislike for it.  She is constantly trying to convince ME that winter is MY favorite season.  It isn't the snow so much it is the weather that usually comes with it.

Removing all the gear- it is still waiting for another use- and Ruby is still waiting for another snow fall....

Tuesday, January 3

My Grandpa, Ross Eldon Myers

                                           Grandpa and Grandma June 2011
My Grandpa's funeral is today.
He passed away on December 24, 2011.
We were at a friends house enjoying Christmas Eve festivities when we got the news.  I was shocked, to say the least.  I knew he wasn't doing well- and hadn't been for a while, but still I was shocked.  I was convinced that he was invincible.
My Grandpa was a great man.  He had his own quirks and weaknesses but everyone does, and who wants to dwell on moments like that?  I believe that only the good need be remembered.  And he had a lot of good- that could and does and should inspire a lot of people.
Today is his funeral- and I am missing it.  I am here in snowing Ohio, but my heart is in Calgary.
Cheesy, I know, but true.
Since I am not there and won't be able to participate or hear any of the services I thought I would put together a Eulogy of my own.  From the eyes of a granddaughter.

If I could only use one word to describe my grandfather it would be service.  He served his whole life.  He served in the Korean War.  He served as a prominent member of the legion.  He served in AA.  My grandpa didn't have an easy early life by any stretch of the imagination.  He left home at the age of 16 because things weren't great at home.  I think of that and my heart breaks.  No one should feel the need to leave home at 16- no one.  But he did.  He served in the Korean war and worked as an 'EMT'- from the stories he told I imagine it was like the ambulance on the front lines.  He saw a lot of sad things and had some incredible stories.  He used to come to the YMCA and talk to the children that I work with about his experiences in the war.  Incredible.  It was incredible for me to hear the stories that he told.  He was a hero- any person who can fight in a war is a hero.  But this was MY grandpa- and he was a HERO to me.  Those were special times for me, times I will forever cherish.  My grandpa was an incredible wood worker, he had a great talent and he liked to share that talent with others.  Once in school I had taken an industrial arts class and I had decided to make a hope chest.  There wasn't enough time left in the semester for me to finish so we went to my grandpa's and dad, grandpa and I put our heads and hands together and we finished it together.  It wasn't a monumental moment but it is a cherished memory.  I remember one Christmas we were setting up the tree at my grandparent's house (we spent every Christmas there) and we didn't have an angel to put on the top or it was broken, or grandpa just wanted a new one (I can't remember which, like I said this is from the memory of a granddaughter- so that means some of these memories will be how I remember them, not how they really were....)  so we headed out to the store to find a new angel to put on top.  Grandpa made sure that it was an angel and that it was a pretty one.  I think it was that moment that I knew that grandpa believed in heaven, that was a good thing for me to learn about him.  I remember the Christmas he made us all doll houses.  All of his granddaughters- and he had a lot of grand daughters.  At the time I was enchanted with the magic of it- waking up Christmas morning to see the lights on and the room filled with presents and doll houses with our names on them placeds around the room.  At that time I didn't think much about the work and the love that went into those houses, but I guess that is why we have memories and why we reminisce, we learn from them.  Golf carts and summer days remind me of grandpa.  He used to own a golf cart and would take all of the cousins out for a ride together around the block.  That was awesome, my absolute favorite memory of him.  I remember stampede breakfasts at my grandparent's house, the neighborhood, friends, and family would come over and we would celebrate.  I remember the smell of his car, minty.  He always had candy for us.  I remember his office that he had in the basement.  That was the best place to play- I love the typewriter that he had, it was really fun to play with.  My grandpa loved dogs, I will always remember Zipper and Pal...  I remember him in his uniform, he looked good in it.  He always stressed the importance of Remembrance Day and I never really got it.  I do now.  I remember going to his Legion (no. 275) and sitting in the front row and listening to the ceremony on November 11.  He was always glad to see us there and I always felt proud to be his granddaughter.  We would visit the family homestead in the summer, it was special going there with grandpa and having him tell us stories of his childhood however good or bad they were.  Family was important to him, memories were important to him, and visiting was important to him and he made sure everyone knew it. My grandpa celebrated 51 years of sobriety while he was still alive and was very active with Alcoholics Anonymous.  My grandpa overcame many shortcomings in his life- and he conquered them.  My grandparents were always housing someone who needed there help.  Now when I say always, I mean it.  Ever since I can remember there has been some stranger living in there house that just needed some help, just a few months to get on their feet.  I like knowing that my grandpa (and grandma- because lets face it grandpa couldn't have done it without grandma's permission and help) is that kind of person.  The kind that doesn't focus on your shortcomings, or your moments of ridiculousness but is willing to give help when he sees the need.  He taught, and is still teaching me as I reminisce and grow older, much about service and love.  My grandparents supported us any way they could- and were at all the important events that they could be at.  I know my grandpa loved me- as he would say 'Love you just the way you are.'  My favorite photo of my grandpa is the one hanging in his bedroom (beside my favorite picture of my grandma) it is of him as a young handsome man.  I really want a copy of that photo.
I am grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  I am grateful to KNOW that I will see my grandpa again one day.  I am grateful for him and for his example.  I just wish I could be in Calgary right now, doing the fun part of getting together with family to remember.  Isn't that the great thing about funerals?  Getting the family together and enjoying each other's company?  


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