Friday, October 19


We are all completely in love with Baby Juliette (our new niece).
She is so sweet and lovely.
Ruby cannot get enough of her.
Myers mostly ignores her until she is gone.
But he did once say that she was as cute as a marshmallow- and if you know Noni- that is a BIG deal.
It means her REALLY loves her.
We all really love her!
Ruby now wants to name our baby Romeo if it is a boy.
I just hope ours is as sweet and as cute as little Juliette....

Tuesday, October 16

I Love To See The Temple

One thing I really love about Ruby is her ability to notice and love all that is beautiful.
She really truly appreciates it.
The temple in Calgary has just been finished and they are having their open house right now (a time when anyone can go in and take a tour of the temple before it is dedicated.)
I knew we were going to take the kids but I was also looking forward to Ruby's reaction to the beauty of it.  She did not disappoint and was sure to notice all of the little tiny details that only she could.
It was a great experience and I am so glad that we were able to go as a family and enjoy the peaceful feelings that were there.
Even Noni stopped for a second or two to take a look around.

I hope that as they grow they will remember the experience they had there, and the feelings they felt while inside.  I am grateful for temples and for this new temple in Calgary.  The open house is still going on for another week- if you get the chance it is well worth your time!

Monday, October 15

Dr. Justin Snell

This is an old picture, I mean Justin has been working for 3 and a half months now- but still a picture that is worthy of the blog.  Justin is now a full fledged Optometrist with his name in neon letters.  What gets better than that?  We are proud of him and grateful for all he does for our family.  Not only is he a great dad and husband but he is a great Optometrist to boot!  So if you are ever in need of eye care- you know who to come to!!!

Saturday, October 13


This little Noni of ours HATES clothes.
I get them on if we are going outside and then that is about it.
He will only sleep in a diaper and that proves to be his preference when just relaxing around the house as well.
This does, however, pose a problem when one is trying to carry things around in his pockets.
Noni seems to have found a remedy for that.
Here he is with his wand in his pocket.  I mean one never knows when the need for a naked magician will arise.  He frequently carries around fake cell phones in his 'pocket' and has been known to even put his marshmallow potty candy in there for safe keeping- though was quickly stopped, as we prefer to practice safe food handling in this house.
One day he will like clothes again- right?


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