Monday, November 29

A True Likeness

Remember how we went and took family photos recently?
Well just the other night I was flabbergasted to realize that all of the hard work that went into that was unneeded.
Why you ask?
Well, because Ruby drew this:
 A closer view for you...

Yup- that's us.

It is such a true likeness I think we are just going to use this as our family photos.

And she didn't stop there- she went on to draw all of the cousins.

Isn't she amazing?
She even got everyones arms and legs in.  (well she tried at least...)
She is quite the artist.
And the same rule applies for her as it does for the tripod.
If you would like a one of a kind family drawing- Ruby would be glad to do it.
For a fee.  Of course.
You don't even have to be here for her to do it.
I'll just describe to her what you look like and she will draw it.
And we will mail the picture to you.
If you act now she can get it done before those Christmas cards have to go out!!

I love my little artist.

Friday, November 26

The Little Guy is Growing Up.

This post is for those of you who haven't seen Myers in a while.
Which is pretty much everyone.
You wouldn't believe how much he has grown up!
He can even get his own food out of the fridge now.  (But only if Ruby opens the door for him)
We are going to start putting him on the 'making supper' schedule.

He can make a mess so large that one could only assume someone much older and larger than him must have made it.
He is amazing at building things...
(He always builds better with his shirt off)

But don't take my word for it take his-
He is 'SO BIG'

Though he is large in stature and mental ability he is still quite humble- and when asked nicely- he will be sure to give you a one-of-a-kind high five...

And isn't he just the cutest thing you ever did see?

Thursday, November 25

Wanna Race?

Today marks a moment in history that must be remembered.
Well... at least by me.
I ran my first ever race as an adult.
It was a 5K, it was to raise money for the Utah Food Bank, it was hard, and it was COLD.
It was -13C.  I know that doesn't seem super cold to those of you living in Alberta right now, but remember- I am a cold weather weenie, and I couldn't wear a huge warm winter coat.  It was cold!
Luckily running warms you up.
That was my one motivation to KEEP RUNNING.
Next time I am going to get those hand warmer things- now that is a genius idea.
Race details you ask?
There isn't much to say- it was my first race so my time wasn't awesome- but I will say that I did run the whole way.  There was NO walking for me.  Not even for a second.  And I feel awesome.
I feel motivated to run more and to be more active and I feel like I actually accomplished something.
I think with some training I could be awesome!
I am going to keep on running and will assuredly get better and faster.
Justin says that next time he will come along and run with me.
I told him he could- as long as he doesn't hold me back- you know?
I will say it was a little lonely since I left Justin home with the kids and I couldn't find another running partner.
So the only proof I have that I actually ran it is this picture.

(I made sure it was an action shot so it would be easier for you to visualize)

Technically this picture wouldn't hold up in a court of law as evidence...
But you all believe me right?
The only other evidence that I have is the shirt I got and the shape my body is in right now- SO SORE.
I should have stretched- but as I have always said- stretching is for wussies.
And I stick by that.
I can't wait to find another 5k to compete in.  It is going to be awesome!!
Now we are off to enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner!
I will say this two Thanksgiving things has something to it.
And tomorrow- Black Friday Shopping.
Oh yeah- we are doing it!

Monday, November 22

Family Photo Session

A family photo has been long overdue.
We just live far from any real photographers that we know and love and lets face it a 'hold the camera at arms length and do your best to take a photo of all four of our faces and have everyone look nice photo' was not going to work.  We were looking for a little more than a facebook profile picture.
You know what I am saying?
So we did what anyone would do.
We went and bought a cheap tripod, went to the park on Sunday after church when we were still looking nice, and did our best to 'push the button and run into position'.
It wasn't ideal.
In fact our outing went a little something like this...
Justin held the kids down while I went and got it set up...
(Note Ruby's tongue)

I run back and try to get myself and Ruby looking nice....
(Note my tongue- I guess she gets that from somewhere...)

Scene change- and Justin has slacked on his job of holding the kids down.
So I get everything set up and I have to run after Ruby in my heels...

And I go to sit down- apparently me in my heels holding a 35 pound child and trying to sit down quickly don't mix.  Yes- that is me falling...
Justin seems to think it is funny though.
Oh how glad I am the tripod caught that special moment.

Well- apparently I thought it was funny too....  Ruby seems unscathed and is still trying to run away.

Then there is the whole series of photos where Ruby would not open her eyes.
Sadly we were unaware....
There is a series of 10 photos where she would NOT open her eyes.

And more slacking from Justin equals more running from me...

And then there is the whole section of photos where I am blocking half of Ruby's face.

And the set- ups that just don't work...

Oh- and the whole series of photos where Ruby covered her ears.

And the whole series where Myers would NOT look at the camera.

And then Ruby's awesome facial expressions.

And Myers's hand in front of his face.

I think we can work with the few good photos we got.  If I ever get the time to do some editing...

Needless to say- our tripod has a long way to go before it can make a living out of its skills....
But it is for hire if ever you need it to capture the awkward moments in your life.  It is pretty good at that.

 Me and the Nones to end the session off with.  I swear that is an 'I love my mama' face not a 'I'm scared and angry' face...

Wednesday, November 17


What is making us happy these days you ask?
This is.
 Well I guess technically these are...
 But if I am going to be more specific I would have to say these are our favorite.
Yes- those are the most delicious eclairs you will EVER eat.  EVER.  And I can get them whenever I want.
But I don't.  Just sometimes.
Don't judge me.

In other Snelldog news-
I am going to be running a 5k race on American Thanksgiving.
It is going to be awesome.
Except I haven't technically been training...
But really all I want is a starting point that I can rate myself against.
And I really want to just get started.
AND- I get a t-shirt.
So its going to be awesome.
If you want to come down and join me you are more than welcome.  In fact please do.  Unless of course you are in better shape than me- then just stay where you are and let me have a little happiness- ok?

And I am going to participate in this sew-along.
This will be my first sew-along ever.
And I want my dress to end up looking like this.
With a different print.
But I absolutely LOVE the ruffles.

Oh- and another thing that is making me happy these days?
I couldn't leave these guys out now could I?
Before the weather turned from 20 above to a mere 10 above (Yes I am a cold- weather- weenie now) we got out there and got some family photos done.  There were some good and some bad.
And they were all courtesy of our tripod... So it was above all- interesting...

Don't worry (because I know you all were) there will be more on the family photo session at a later date... It was awesome.

And for those of you who love us and want us back in Alberta soon- I will remind you that today is the one month marker.  In one month you will once again be graced with our presence and, if you are at all lucky, it will be FOR- E-VER.
Now if you will excuse me- I have some 5k training to do... and some material to buy.

Friday, November 12

Clay Is My Medium of Choice

I have never claimed to be an artist...
But I just can't deny it anymore.
I am an Artistic genius.
There I said it...
My artistic geniusness is especially evident after Ruby and I made this...

It's Ariel.
I know- no explanation required- since it is such a true likeness of the Little Mermaid.
Ruby and I spent Noni's nap 'clay making' if you will.  (He did wake up half way through but we pressed on.)
She told me what she wanted  me to make- and I did just that.
I had no idea I had such skills...
Ruby tried her hand at some 'claymaking' herself and she did a great job.
Perhaps she acquired some of my skills.
She made Sebastian, a shark, Flounder and a crocodile.
I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of those before she decided she had had enough of clay making and she put it all in dishwasher.
Yes, this really happened.
Her and Noni were collaborating- She was putting it in the dishwasher and he was right there beside her cheering her on.
He seemed to disappear however when she had to clean it up....
But a little part of me can't help but smile when they get together to do something mischievous.

I can see many days of clay making in our future... even with the dishwasher incident.
Ariel is still floating around this house somewhere- a little worse for wear but around nonetheless...
Perhaps the other disney princesses will join her soon enough.
This clay making is fun.

On a side note- I recently found out that David Archuleta lives in our very own Murray, Utah.  In fact he attended Murray High.  So our place of residence (and by association, us) is pretty much famous.  And awesome.
I also recently received tickets to a  concert that he is putting on with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir around Christmas!!  We are pretty much destined to be his best friends don't you think?

Friday, November 5

Mike Pumpkinzowski

There is a lot of pressure involved with pumpkin carving.
First you have to pick the perfect pumpkin- one that speaks to you and gets your creative juices flowing.
Then you must decide how to carve it.
Do you find an image online, trace it and carve it?
Do you carve all the way through or just deep enough that the skin is gone and the light shows through but there is no actual hole in your pumpkin?
Do you carve your pumpkin in such a way that it is eating a smaller pumpkin? (I saw a couple of these this year and loved them)
Or do you just go old school on it?
These were just the decisions that we were faced with this year....  tough Halloween changing decisions...
No need to worry though- because we reigned triumphant!
We did our annual pumpkin picking earlier in October- and it was awesome.
We were each able to choose the pumpkins that spoke to us individually.
Ruby took this task very seriously and eventually decided on a mini one that was technically uncarvable...
I chose a nice round one with a long stem and some 'hairs' coming from it.
Justin chose a large one with very prominent grooves.
Noni? Well we chose a really cute mini pumpkin for him.  Short and wide.... it seemed to suit him!
On Monday we took the plunge and did the carving.
Ruby was a little hesitant at first and really didn't like the pumpkin guts.
She really hated it when I touched her with my pumpkin hands.  (In fact we almost had a little Family Home Evening emergency...)

This is the look I got after I gave her the 'pumkin guts touch'

But with a little coaxing and a spoon she dove right in.

Noni had no problem diving in head first.

As to what we carved our pumpkins as?
Justin went with a scary old schoolish pumpkin with a little bit of a Twilight flare.  (Notice the vampire teeth)

I took my cues and inspiration from my pumpkin.
I took a long look at him and decided that he was calling out to be Mike Wazowski.
And so I did just that.

Minus the arms... I know... I should have carved the arms....
I wonder what our pumpkins will say next year....

Wednesday, November 3

An Actual Corn Maze

We finally attended an actual corn maze.
We have been to other corn mazes but they were a little less like a corn maze and a little more like a small garden of dead corn that you could see through and the only path was the one that was trodden down by other disappointed 'corn mazers'...

Who knew real corn mazes could be so much fun!
We ventured through the corn maze, took some classic pictures, jumped in the bouncy house and picked our annual Halloween pumpkins.

It was a lot of fun had by all.
We finished the night with dinner at Wendy's.
MMMMM fries and a frosty...
And a $1.50 movie in American Fork.
What day can be better than that?
No really, I dare you to try and find a day....

Monday, November 1

The Princess and The Minion

I like Halloween.
That being said- I am a total Halloweenie.
I HATE anything scary- ANYTHING.  Even if I know that it is fake- which, of course, I do.  I still hate it.
With all that said- I still love Halloween.
I love to decide what everyone is going to be for halloween and using my creativity to create exactly what I want.
This year unfortunately, I only had the creative juices for 2 costumes and had absolutely NO input on what one of them would be.
WHAT!  Ruby is starting to have opinions? YES.
Who knew that would ever happen?
She is also starting to run to her room crying and close the door if she doesn't get her way.
Who said that she was allowed to act like she was 16 when she was only three?
In fact- now that I think about it- who said she could grow up at all?
So, needless to say, Ruby was a pink princess- and there were no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
And she was- a pink princess.

Luckily, since she IS only three and she isn't allowed to use the sewing machine yet- So I had full creative license and could create anything I wanted- as long as it was pink and a princess.
I ended up falling in love with her costume and I will say I am pretty proud of myself!
I made this dress with a pattern I drafted myself and I designed the whole dress myself.
I love the crown and the scooped overlay!

Ruby loved that it was poofy, pink, and sparkly.
Our house is now covered in sparkles and Noni has a permanent helmet of sparkles on his head.  I don't know how that is possible but I am telling you- they linger.
But it was all worth it!
Ruby's dream of being a pink princess was realised- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now Noni's costume-
Since he is only 9 and a half months I had full creative rights on his costume.
A few months back when my parents came to visit we saw 'Despicable Me' with them.
The moment I saw these little guys....

I knew what Noni would be for Halloween.
I was just biding my time.
And the time finally came.
I got some spandex, a set of overalls, some black gloves, and a little bit of creativity and I made this masterpiece.

Kevin- the minion.

He was perfect for the part and though not a lot of people knew what he was he was darn cute...
I love it.

We spent our Halloween with friends in Orem and it was great!
We went to a mall first and did some lame trick or treating there...

We stopped for a fashion shoot with 'Aurora' and 'Kevin'...
(A side view of his hair...)

Oh No!  Stay here Kevin...

 And the money shot...

Once the photo shoot was complete we headed out for some good old fashioned trick-or-treating....
We live in Utah- so everyone trick-or-treated on Saturday- it was great!
Once the Monsoon passed the night was warm and wonderful!
We got back to our friends, had some candy and put the kids to bed.
Then we watched the scariest movie I could handle- New Moon.
It brought back memories of when I saw it in theatre...
And while we are bringing back memories go ahead- check out last years Halloween...


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