Wednesday, April 1

Sugar Shack and Sweet Water

Justin turned 29 on Monday so I wanted to make the weekend special and have a little celebration the whole weekend.
We started off with the Snelldog big birthday breakfastravaganza bash- where we ate waffles, fruit, whipping cream, sausages, ice cream, french toast, hash browns, orange juice, and chocolate milk.
The we went to St. Jacobs and went on a horse drawn tour of the maple syrup farm near us. It was really neat- we were able to 'tap' our own tree
See how sweet water was turned into maple syrup in years gone by
Eat pancakes (the one thing we were missing from breakfast) with light, medium or amber syrup
Pet some animals they had there
Taste sweetwater and maple syrup on a stick

And walk through mud
It was definitely a one of a kind experience...

Snelldog Dictionary
Sweet Water- The sap that is extracted from trees and used to make maple syrup.
Sugar Shack- The building where all the magic happens- where Sweet water is boiled and condensed to make maple syrup.

On Sunday we went to a potluck dinner and I made Justin his yearly black forest cake- which was a hit and thankfully- yet unfortunately- there was none left to bring home...
To end off the festivities Justin and I were able to go out for dinner (thank you Clark and Jayne for watching the Rublet), be entertained by the couple behind us that was breaking up (and blowing their noses very loudly) and see a movie. Can I just say the life of a mall cop seems truly glamorous! I want to be a hero just like Paul Blart!

It was an amazing weekend birthday celebration I am already planning next year.... My only dilemma is how to top a horse drawn tour of a maple syrup farm?

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  1. Here's how to top a horse drawn tour of a maple syrup farm: How about a maple syrup drawn tour of a horse farm. I know it's impossible, but a guy can dream... seriously though, that was a really fun weekend. Thanks Cheryl!


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