Tuesday, June 29

Its Where I Be ...

Just because I know you are interested- a little update on CLV.
There is still a bee hive under our front step
There are still mud daubers around.
There are still earwigs everywhere.
The mosquitos have now decided to enter the mix.
My neighbors are still awesome. Though the really awesome one's moved away- if you are reading this we miss you...
Ruby has had some interesting encounters with some of the kids around here.
Imagine the following.
A little girl about 18 months old named Judy. About a head shorter than Ruby (minus the hair ball coming from the top of her head) chasing her with a stick THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL BAT. I saw this happening but just assumed that Judy was simply trying to play with Ruby and by coincidence had a stick in her hand. Did I mention that it was the size of a BASEBALL BAT? Anyway I guess Judy's mother knew better than that because she came swooping over just in time to save little Ruby from a bat to the head. Then when the weapon was removed from Judy's hands she simply tried to punch Ruby. I am pretty sure that Ruby was oblivious to any of the potential bodily harm and the only thing that scared her and had her running to me for safety was the mother swooping in to save her... We haven't really seen much of Judy lately. Or sticks the size of baseball bats... for that matter.
Oh- and-
The water is back...

It starts small and slowly builds over the summer.
If I'm brave enough maybe one day I will ask what it is for... and fill you all in.
I know you are wondering...
Cause- This is where I be..... you know- if you need me.

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