Friday, June 25

A Fifty Pounder

A recent purchase:
(Look at Ruby- 'chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool...')

This is our deluxe-state-of-the-art-stroller-that-we-love.
It takes us where we need to go when we need to go there and it does it with ease and style.
It can take any bump that is in our way and handles like a dream.
We take it wherever we can. (It is honking huge and may or may not have trouble fitting through some doorways and maneuvering through some aisles...)
But what it lacks in a small exterior it makes up in heart...
It has taken us on many adventures.
With it we have been able to traverse through:
Disney World

Mackinac Island

Canada's Wonderland
And countless walks so far.
I wonder on what other adventures this stroller will take us?
Oh, and you want to know the best part?
If ever I'm tired I can just hop on in and get Justin to push us all...
(He's super strong and NEVER gets tired)
This situation hasn't arisen- but I am sure our stroller could handle it...
Now if you will excuse me-
My chariot awaits...

Anyone want a ride?


  1. I've been considering a doubler stroller...we have a bike trailer that doubles as a 'stroller' but the kids don't seem to sit in it very comfortably...what brand is yours?
    On another note, I got the cute litle knit hat in the mail yesterday! Thank you!

  2. Hey Claudia! It is a babytrends stroller. It has good reviews for the price- it is MUCH cheaper than other double joggers but has all of the features that i want. You should look it up- it is way cheaper in the states too! Babies r us has it...


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