Sunday, September 20

Crazy Water Lady...

Ok- so as many of you know I live in a town house complex with my family while Justin is in school- since being here I have seen many interesting things. What can I say? I am a people watcher- not much of a people ASKER. So I sit outside with Ruby while she plays at the park and I watch people- it is a way to pass the time and every so often I get a good story to tell Justin and we sit and speculate about why a person would do such a thing- whatever that thing may be. But today we are S-T-U-M-P-E-D.
Seriously stumped.
I thought you could help- atleast one of you 11 followers would know what the *SNELL* she is doing....

Here is the situation:
There is a family who fills water bottles (the 4L size) with water and places them on their back patio- I never see what happens to the water but every day or so they are refilled and placed on the back patio- so they have about 10 bottles out there.
Today is the first day that I have seen any water movement- as I sit looking out my window (and listening to Justin play guitar and Ruby accompanying him on harmonica) I have seen her pass by 3 times with full waterbottles- walk across the complex to a neighbor and then return with different bottles that are empty. No idea what she is doing-
any clues?
Like I said I am a watcher not an asker....

My best guess is that someone is in labor and their water has gone out so the only water they have is her stash and she is being a good neighbor and giving up her water food storage for them to boil and use for whatever they do during labor.....
hey it could be true...

Oh there she goes again-------


  1. I think what you're observing here is a textbook case of bootlegging. What you think is just water is really some home grown hard liqueur. You see your other neighbours have been "water lady's" best customers for years so she just decided to cut back on her transportation costs and move next door to them. Why not? It seems like a logical thing to do. Say hello next time you see "Mrs. Mike's Hard." Duhhh your eyes!

  2. Not nearly as out there as Kims...but maybe a little more there a community garden you are unaware of? Maybe she is watering plants!

  3. I would say - jump to the other side Cher Bear and become an ASKER - you never know - you might like it on that side....let me know if you do convert and tell me what it's like ;)
    p.s. Kim you are hilaaaarious....i miss you both.

  4. Easy. The water has been laced with psychotropic hallucinogens that only effect humans when inhaled as a vapor. "Water Lady" is transporting the water to a dump site where she is contaminating the Waterloo Region's water supply with the drugs. An ancient secret criminal organization will then steal a machine capable of vaporizing the region's water supply from a multi-billion dollar corporation. The machine will be used in conjunction with a massive prison break from a local insane asylum, thus creating a terrifying cloud of the drugs and a fear induced panic which will tear Waterloo apart. The rest of the country will be galvanized into striving for more complete peace and unity.


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