Sunday, June 27

My Life

If there is one thing I can say about my life it is that I am prone to embarrassing situations.
Secretly- I like it.
It gives my life a little spunk gives me and Justin something to laugh at when we are lying in bed at night.
(He is prone to embarrassing situations too... maybe even more so than I am.)
I like that about him.
I also like to laugh- a lot.

Recently I encountered this embarrassing situation:
I took Ruby and Noni to the spray park where we met up with Jenn and her two boys.
It was all fun and games until a spider crawled on my arm.
That was not fun or gamey.
That also was not part of the embarrassing story- just a simple side note.
Anyway- Ruby was walking around with her bucket- filling it up with water here and there.
Then she got sprayed with water.
I know- the horror- of all things to happen at a SPRAY park.
She doesn't yet understand that getting sprayed is fun...
Anyway I went over to comfort her and was bent down talking to her-
when out of NO WHERE a fountain turned on
And yes- I was unknowingly perfectly situated directly over it.
I was soaked.
Right. up. the. bum.
I let out a little scream and ran with Ruby to where I thought there was safety.
It turns out- I was in a SPRAY PARK- and there is NO safety in a SPRAY PARK.
So I was soaked.
I was able to dodge what water I could and get Ruby and I out of there safely.
Even if we were soaked.
There are 2 things that I wish would have happened.
Number one: that someone would have videotaped it.
It was that awesome.
Number two: I wish that Justin was there. It is just funnier if you are there.
I wonder what will happen tomorrow....


  1. I also wish I had been there.... with a video camera.... Why wasn't I there? That would have been AWESOME!!!

  2. I really wish I were there, and I also wish I was in bed with all of you to laugh about it afterward.

  3. I was there...and I missed it! But I did see the wet bum... and I laughed at you, so it would be truly embarrassing. your welcome!
    your embarrassing moments are contagious as it turns out because remember that same pants were on backwards!!!! AH! your fault.
    And the night before...Justin ate my food. With his fingers. Off my plate.
    That was embarrassing, well not really...mostly funny. But still, kinda.


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