Saturday, June 19

Poor girl-o

This is my sweet little Girl-o
I really love her- she says and does the best things.

We were going to the movie a few weeks ago and she wanted to see a Woody movie. I told her Toy Story wasn't out yet... She said 'Well, maybe it's in.' Good thought- but sadly, no. (On another note it came out yesterday- so we took Ruby- it was really good! We had lots of fun!)

Another time we were at Superstore and we were loading up our groceries into the van and a moth got in. Just Ruby and the moth in the van together- needless to say she was not happy. She may have inherited her dislike of moths from Justin. So Justin was holding Myers and backing slowly away from the van and I was holding Ruby and trying to remove the moth from the van. I was scooping and trying to coax it out when my movements were a little jerky and I may or may not have accidentally hit Ruby in the face- now she thinks moths punch people in the face. She cried for a long time. And then Justin told her moths don't punch so don't be scared of them- it was mom- that didn't help. Eventually I got the moth out.

At the stake center for the youth musical (which was great by the way!) I was giving her a drink from the water fountain and I got a direct hit- right in her eye- WARNING- those water fountains spray far and they spray hard. She was a trooper though.

She also recently- independently squished her first spider.

She is now the bug finder in the house. She finds them and Justin saves them- unless he isn't home or they are spiders.

She may or may not be developing an intense dislike for certain bugs. I don't know where she could possibly be getting that from....

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