Wednesday, June 2

Snelldog Smarts {scrabble genius}

Yup- we're smart.
And just to prove it- if you haven't been convinced yet- I thought I would give you an example of some pure genius!
Ruby has been learning her letters lately- and she loves it!
We spend a lot of time just spelling words with her and teaching her to recognize letters and sound them out.
One day a stroke of pure genius came to Justin- He pulled out a travel edition of Scrabble that my sister gave to us a couple Christmas's ago.
And he started to use that to teach her!
The best part about it is that there are lots of multiples. So, unlike the alphabet board that we were using, we were able to spell words with more then one of the same letter in them!
Ruby loves it- and we love it.
A piece of paper and a pen work too but this is more fun.
So if you or anyone you know is learning their alphabet then it is time to pull out your trusty scrabble game, blow off the dust and bring on the learning!!

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