Friday, June 4

One day...

I asked for this for our anniversary-

Sadly I don't think I will get it.
Seriously- isn't it a beautiful bike?
Alas, perhaps one day- if I save my pennies-this baby could be mine!!!
I want it in orange- you know- if anyone is looking to get me a gift any time soon....
I would LOVE this.

Don't forget about the giveaway! One day left!


  1. i saw one of those in lethbridge yesturday while on the fieldtrip. but i think it might have been silver. nice bike i thought. if i win some big money then i will get that for you. but i think you will have to wait.

  2. I was honestly considering selling my beautiful, practically new, bike, just to buy this one. You've converted me. Basically I just want to wear a dress while I bike ride, which I can't in my present bike. Perhaps I need two!


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