Monday, June 21

Chalk Paint!

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer- I am telling you chalk paint is the way to go!
it only involves 3 ingredients:
Equal parts cornstarch and water
and a few drops of food coloring

I used about a cup of each to get this much paint (I didn't really measure that exactly I just mixed until it seemed like a good consistency)
Be careful with the food coloring or your hands will look like this:
Ruby loved mixing the colors- it was a great way to teach her about what colors are made when certain colors are mixed together...
Doesn't she look smarter since I taught her that?? I am sure she will remember the lesson...

Once you have done all that grab your children and your old paint brushes and head outside for some painting fun!!!

(I did have both my children- Noni was just in the Ergo the whole time) A photo to prove it...

And if you want some added fun- grab your neighbor too!!
And the best part is you can make signs like this:
It happened to be our anniversary that day- so we surprised Justin with this sign! It was really fun. I am sure there will be many chalk painting days in our future.

*A little warning- DO NOT paint too close to your house- like we did. Ants apparently LOVE cornstarch and water- I mean who can blame them.... We left to celebrate our anniversary and came back to a sidewalk full of ants. It was awesome- if you like that sort of thing.*

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  1. Oh, we will SOOO be doing this! So glad you posted about this- I love it & I KNOW Talia will too :)


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