Wednesday, June 23

OH The Things That Plague Me...

I don't like bugs- I'm not going to deny it... And I am pretty sure you all know that by now.
I don't hate bugs- I do understand that they have a purpose and are necessary- I just don't like them. This summer has been the worst of any summer.
We began with the huge, furry, black spider with what appear to be white dots on its back- but may be stripes. I don't know, I don't care... I don't like them.
I'm pretty sure that between Jayne (my neighbor) and I, we got their population down to a manageable number. Thanks for your help Jayne!!!
But it seems that once those were gone in came the ants to take their place.
They over took our back patio at one point and when we did the sidewalk chalk paint it was like a smorgasbord for these ants.
Apparently they like cornstarch, water and food coloring- who knew?
Luckily ants don't bother me. But their hills are EVERYWHERE- and Ruby sat on one.
It wasn't a pretty sight and now I am pretty sure ants bother HER.
There are also these interesting mini red spiders that are everywhere.
They are incredibly small- I'm not even sure that they are spiders.
But I have it under good authority that they are.
So I believe them.
Even though I don't mind these red spiders- they still plague me.
I haven't 'wikipedia-ed' them
Too scared... what if they turn out to be some sort of deadly little killer red spider.
I would rather not know.
And don't get me started on the jumping spiders.
We also have what appears to be a bees nest under our front step.
They seem friendly.
They haven't stung anyone- yet...
Then to finish off my nerves we have an earwig army in our backyard. And our house.
They are always everywhere at one time.
And I am finding them constantly.
What do earwigs do anyway?
What is their purpose?
And what eats an earwig?
I hope its birds.
I don't mind birds.
Whatever it is I hope they do their job soon.
And finally, I found this in the house today.
Its called a mud dauber.
I wikipedia-ed this one.
I probably shouldn't have.
It just wasn't a good idea for me.
I prefer to be ignorant when it comes to bugs.
Anyway- just so you don't have to go through the trouble of wikipedia-ing it yourself I'll fill you in on the important details.
It is a wasp. Not aggressive apparently. But it will sting, or bite or whatever they do, if it has to I am sure. It has a very thin body with a huge bulb on its bum- as you can see from the picture. This just adds to its creepability.
There are different types- this is a black and yellow one.
It builds nests in the mud.
In order to procreate- it paralyzes a spider and lays its eggs in or on the spider.
Then when the young eventually hatch they eat said spider.
This is probably the only time I have EVER felt bad for a spider.
It just seems so cruel.
And the creepiness of the mud dauber just went up another notch.
But they do get a point from me because they eat spiders. (I guess I didn't feel that bad for the spiders)
I don't know what to think about these wasps.
Mostly I just wish they would stay the HECK OUT OF MY HOUSE!!
Seriously. I can't deal with too much more of this...

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