Monday, July 5

Snellphone Service

Ever wandered through the mall aimlessly looking for the Telus store, the koodo kiosk, rogers or countless other cellphone providers?
Well look no further...
Just come on over...
We've got them all.
We've got what you need.
And at a good price too.
Just take a look- you won't be sorry!
If you are lucky we may even have an Ariel phone or an old Ipod mini...
But what we always have a large supply of are the so-called 'dummy' phones.
We started collecting them when Ruby was just a wee one and it has become a little bit of a game.
What phone can we get this time?
Our most recent catch was the red blackberry that is just like grammy Lori's.
When Ruby gets bored of the last dummy phone we just get another one.
I look at it this way- Ruby can now have 20 friends over and they can all have their own cell phone- no fighting, or crying, just plain old phone fun!


  1. Perhaps, tin can phones, with a string between might be the answer, for a working phone system.
    Seriously, who needs a phone when you have a cute Ruby who defies description?

  2. Sure, you have a nice selection, but how's the reception? Can you guarantee me more bars in more places? Like that dead spot at 64th Ave & 14th St NW in Calgary? Many a call lost forever in that spot...


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