Monday, June 7

Red Yellow!

I feel like we have been go-go-go here and I haven't really made any time to update all ya'all on what we have been doing!
We have done a lot of fun things lately- and what would my family blog be if I didn't write them all down?
So slowly over the next week I will be posting about all of the Snelldogs great adventures that we have been having so far this summer!
In no particular order of course.
In fact they won't even be chronological.
But who needs to worry about fiddling with dates anyway?
We went to Medieval times with the Weibes and it was amazing!
We were on the side of the Red and Yellow Knight.
Sadly he was not the winner.
But we liked him.
And so did all the french female teenagers that were on the side of the red and yellow knight (and there were A LOT).
After much waiting and anticipation we were able to surf through the throngs and get this picture.
Ruby was all dressed up in her princess outfit-
A silver dress, tights, a crown Jenny made for her, a flower scarf turned belt that jenny made for her (what would we do without Jenny?), her super hero cape (which apparently doubles as a princess cape quite nicely) and a sword. What princess outfit is complete without a sword?
Ruby even got a flower from our Knight. We like Medieval Times. Though I will say those crowns really aren't that flattering. Maybe I should get Jenny to make me my own personalized princess crown.

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  1. I'll make you a crown tomorrow! (Okay, I take that back. But, one day I will make you your very own crown.)

    PS You didn't mention that I also gave Ruby the sword, and took you to the M2M sale where you bought the dress. Basically, without me Ruby would have gone to Medieval Times dressed as... what did the server call herself...?


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