Tuesday, June 15

Upcycled Coat Rack Tutorial!

A few months ago (and when I say a few months ago I mean about 7) a friend and I visited our local ReStore while she was in town. That store is AMAZING!! That is a place to go to get the creative juices flowing! While we were there we discussed a possible project and picked up the supplies needed. I think in total (minus the paint) it cost me $7. And with the supplies I made this:

This is a very simple project and I love the end result!
The supplies I used for this project:
An old cupboard door
7 used (I'll call them vintage- it sounds better!) knobs
Black Spray Paint
Sand Paper

First I sanded the cupboard a bit to help the paint adhere to it.
Ruby loves to help... and she is such a good sander!
Then I measured and drilled the holes so they would be evenly spaced. (I decided on 7 knobs but you could use as many or as few as you would like)
I used a drill bit that would be the size of my screw so they would just slide it but not move around too much when they were in there.... I can't remember the size and I suppose it depends on your knobs as well and the screws that work with them...
(Ruby loves to drill too... what can I say? A true DIYer at heart...)

Next, I counter drilled about a half of a centimeter on the back so the screws would be sunk in a bit and not mark up the walls- this step would depend on the thickness of the middle of your piece of wood. My cupboard happened to be really thick...
I just used the largest drill bit we had on hand... It has to be the size of your screw head or larger.
Then I spray painted it.

Sanded it down again and spray painted again lightly (just some parts that I missed) then sanded again to get a more rugged/used look.

Then I sprayed with a clear topcoat just to protect it a bit more.

Screwed in the knobs and voila- done.

I love the way it turned out and it is going to look great in my entryway. I made it especially for Ruby so she could hang up her coats there when she came in from play!

Just a few things to review- my cupboard is REALLY heavy- so I am still working out how to hang it on the wall safely- I recommend finding a lighter cupboard, you could use ANY piece of wood that you have or can find, there are a lot of possibilities out there. Definitely check out your local ReStore- it is definitely worth a look, you can get a good deal, reuse, and have your money go to a good cause!

**Now just another note- apparently Kim and I are truely great friends with minds that think alike- because as I was finishing this tutorial I saw that she had just posted a project she had recently finished of her own, here. It turned out amazing! Just another idea along the same lines for you to go with!


  1. Amazing, incredible, truly one of a kind. I'm heading to ReStore right now... okay, i've already been, but I pulling out the drill right now, in any case!

  2. LOVE this project! i know sophie will too... that pic of your little one with the tools is too cute!

  3. LOVE IT! It looks awesome! :)

  4. I love your coat hanger! The knobs are gorgeous! Great idea!


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