Wednesday, May 26

Hands Full of Giveaways!!!

Ok- it is finally time for 2 major firsts on the blog of the Snelldogs. Number 1- A guest blogger- Jenny from {Hands Full of Happiness} and number 2- A GIVEAWAY!!! Jenny has been kind enough to give away some of her amazing hand made treasures! So without further adieu meet the amazing, talented, funny and beautiful Jenny of {hands full of happiness}.

First of all, let me say how excited I am to be featured here on Snelldogs. I love Cheryl and her blog and am excited to be able to give some of my stuff to you in this giveaway!

Things I love (in no particular order):

Cloth diapers
Jared (my darling hubby)
Crafting of all sorts

Okay, so it isn't a very extensive list, but it covers the basics. Please note that I. LOVE.BOYS! I couldn't have been more pleased when Silas was born and we found out that we had had another boy! I love dressing boys like little men, I love playing "bad guys," I love that every anything longer than six inches becomes a sword, a gun or a stinger. If I have many children, I would happily have a whole team full of boys. I love boys!

That being said, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I would love girls too. And, when I'm pregnant, I like to be prepared, so much of my creative nesting energy goes into creating sweet little girl stuff. There just seems to be so much to make for girls. In an hour I can whip up a darling little crocheted hat, and with a few more hours I can knit one.

Well, I figure there is no end to my yarn stash, and I am going to nest again during my next pregnancy, so I'm happy to pass on the product of my energy to others. I'll take any excuse I can to buy more yarn!

So now for the giveaway that you have all been waiting for!
Jenny has given the winner the choice of any of the following beauties!

Myers got a little tired of modeling girls hats.... but he looks so darn cute...
I love the baby legs and the green toque- I want to keep them for myself....
Truthfully I love them all.... Jenny you are so talented...
Oh and there will be one surprise one that I will post later...

Here is how to enter:
1) Leave a comment AND become a follower of my blog.
If you are already a follower then just leave a comment and let me know!
Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!!!
2) To get another entry become a follower of Jenny's blog and leave a comment letting me know!

This giveaway ends on Saturday June 5th at 5 pm so get your comments and following in as soon as you can!! The winner will be randomly chosen that night!!!


  1. So I love boys too... actually I love jenny's whole list, except cloth diapers...I never did love those. But I don't eat meat, compost and cry over oil rig spills so I am still good and earth loving right???? I am going to gave a baby girl one day ...but in case i dont I am going to vote for the baby legs and the red hat!

  2. Heading over to follow Jenny's... my email's in my profile.. buy you know how to find me ;)

  3. Such cute stuff! I followed! (I also subscribe to your feed, but thought I'd follow incase that doesn't count- and because it's fun to see that followers list grow, right? :)

  4. Ha, I read the rest of Jenny's love list and I think I only caught the end last time...although I am sure Jared is a lovely person I probably don't love him, nor do horses really do it for me and blah crafting...and um ya but ditto for the rest... oh and spiders. It saddens me when they are killed unnessasarily.
    consider this my comment for vote two, I still want baby legs and red hat!
    please crinkle the corners of my draw paper...I think it is a proven winners tactic.

    I wish comments boxes had spell check. My spelling is atrocious...please don't think I am a dumb dumb..I just can't spell (my mother, the second grade teacher just shuttered with shame somewhere).

  5. so... Ainsley saw the picture of the leg warmers and said, "mermaid". I love it. Those little girl toques make me wish I was having a baby girl. They are very pretty. Jenny you are awesome! Cheryl you are awesome too.

  6. Your blog is the best. The best in the whole world wide web. I think I deserve the knit goods because I have knit needs.

  7. I love this blog!!! It's the awesome-best!

  8. Cool giveaway! I hope I win :)

  9. I follow your blog and Jenny's blog as well :)

  10. Fun giveaway! I love handmade things! Especially knit/crochet! My email is

  11. Jenny told me to tell you that I follow her blog too. so... Cheryl, I follow Jenny's blog too. And, cute toques again.

  12. hey myers is so cute and he looks good but please put on a blue hat then he will want to wear it because then he knows its a boy color. everything is so cool. nice job Jenny and cheryl for letting her us her blog. she is the best. i know she is my sister. love all of you

  13. Hi Cheryl - I'll enter because it's the cool thing to do :) I hope I get something cute for our little boy!

  14. i am a follower of both!!! do i get two entries?!


    ps. my email is evanshollya{at}gmail{dot}com

  15. I can't win, because my wife made them, but know that if I did I'd want the Meathead hat, just because it's called the Meathead.

  16. I'm still going to try to enter and leave a comment. The hats are tops. I want to join the club of cool people that win things on blogs and I follow both blogs!


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