Monday, November 1

The Princess and The Minion

I like Halloween.
That being said- I am a total Halloweenie.
I HATE anything scary- ANYTHING.  Even if I know that it is fake- which, of course, I do.  I still hate it.
With all that said- I still love Halloween.
I love to decide what everyone is going to be for halloween and using my creativity to create exactly what I want.
This year unfortunately, I only had the creative juices for 2 costumes and had absolutely NO input on what one of them would be.
WHAT!  Ruby is starting to have opinions? YES.
Who knew that would ever happen?
She is also starting to run to her room crying and close the door if she doesn't get her way.
Who said that she was allowed to act like she was 16 when she was only three?
In fact- now that I think about it- who said she could grow up at all?
So, needless to say, Ruby was a pink princess- and there were no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
And she was- a pink princess.

Luckily, since she IS only three and she isn't allowed to use the sewing machine yet- So I had full creative license and could create anything I wanted- as long as it was pink and a princess.
I ended up falling in love with her costume and I will say I am pretty proud of myself!
I made this dress with a pattern I drafted myself and I designed the whole dress myself.
I love the crown and the scooped overlay!

Ruby loved that it was poofy, pink, and sparkly.
Our house is now covered in sparkles and Noni has a permanent helmet of sparkles on his head.  I don't know how that is possible but I am telling you- they linger.
But it was all worth it!
Ruby's dream of being a pink princess was realised- and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now Noni's costume-
Since he is only 9 and a half months I had full creative rights on his costume.
A few months back when my parents came to visit we saw 'Despicable Me' with them.
The moment I saw these little guys....

I knew what Noni would be for Halloween.
I was just biding my time.
And the time finally came.
I got some spandex, a set of overalls, some black gloves, and a little bit of creativity and I made this masterpiece.

Kevin- the minion.

He was perfect for the part and though not a lot of people knew what he was he was darn cute...
I love it.

We spent our Halloween with friends in Orem and it was great!
We went to a mall first and did some lame trick or treating there...

We stopped for a fashion shoot with 'Aurora' and 'Kevin'...
(A side view of his hair...)

Oh No!  Stay here Kevin...

 And the money shot...

Once the photo shoot was complete we headed out for some good old fashioned trick-or-treating....
We live in Utah- so everyone trick-or-treated on Saturday- it was great!
Once the Monsoon passed the night was warm and wonderful!
We got back to our friends, had some candy and put the kids to bed.
Then we watched the scariest movie I could handle- New Moon.
It brought back memories of when I saw it in theatre...
And while we are bringing back memories go ahead- check out last years Halloween...


  1. Great costumes Cheryl , you are sooo talented....

  2. The kids are absolutely adorable. Although I'm not a big fan of pink :) Ruby is the best pink princess I ever saw and I love the minion costume. Great job on the costumes they're amazing.

  3. Dying. Seriously. He makes one cute minion!

  4. You are amazing!

    Last years link made me was at my house when you were celebrating Halloween with your awesome friends in Kitchener, not your dumb new friends in Orem (although I am sure they are very nice...)

  5. Love the Minion. I am making my son's costume this year and am wondering what materials you used to make the goggles and the Gru patch? And did you sew both of them on?

  6. Love the Minion. I am making my son's costume this year and am wondering what materials you used to make the goggles and the Gru patch? And did you sew them on?

    1. I used felt for the black part of the Gru patch and just a blue jersey that i had to make the G. But you could use anything for that. As for the goggles I used a stretchy dance fabric for the cap and just cotton for the goggles and just appliqued them on...

    2. I made the gru patch separate and just pinned it onto the pants and I sewed the goggles onto the hat.


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