Saturday, October 31

Family of Supers

Golden Arms (his super power is super golden arms- of course...) and his family of supers-
Super Ruby (her super power is being the cutest ever)
Super Cheryl (my super power is making people)
I must say I love it
I love us
And I love being SUPER...

Perhaps the supers will be making an appearance at a function near you soon.
Or just anywhere because we feel like wearing our costumes.....
So keep an eye out for us!

*On a side note- Ruby has not removed the super ruby shirt since we put it on her. She even wore it under her dress to church today....
But seriously isn't she the cutest?


  1. I see from the top of his head trying to squeeze in the Super picture that a certain Benjamin wants to be super too...well Ben, you may not have shiny arms but your mom thinks you are pretty super (and your friend Ruby is so stinkin cute in that second picture!...oh and the rest of her super family too...) - you are going to have to make "Noni" a mini pair of shiny arm cuffs!

  2. OH MY WORD THAT THE CUTEST LITTLE FAMILY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Awesome job Cher Bear!!!!


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