Thursday, November 26

A Whole New Meaning to New Moon

I went to see New Moon tonight
I liked it
Yes its cheesy
Yes its awkward
Yes Bella breathes weird and really loudly
Yes Jacob is shirtless for most of the movie
Yes Edward has weird teeth
Yes the acting isn't the greatest
Yes the theatre is packed with screaming teenagers- and older women...
but I still liked liked it
It was fun
Even if we got the last 3 tickets and Heather had to ask some random ornery guy to move over and we had to sit in the 2nd row and i could barely fit between the people and the seats when I tried to get our seat- there was some serious butt in face and knocking over drinks and stepping on toes and squishing baby action...
I couldn't fit with my tummy and my bag- I almost had to leave one or the other behind. It took the whole 'please don't steal this movie and put it on the internet- that's a criminal act' segment just to get to my seat. I started before Kim and Heather and they were already seated and staring at the catastrophe that was me by the time I was able to make it to my seat. I almost gave up half way and sat on the skinny tweens lap that wouldn't move her legs but I made it and was able to enjoy my front row-everything looks a little distorted and blurry- but we have no other option- seat.
It was well worth all the hassle- and we didn't even have to wait that long for our row to clear out so the chubby preggo could make her way home. I swear the seats in the very front row are closer together than the ones in the back.....


  1. You know what else I hear about the seats in the front row? I hear they're the best and they always fill up first. I'm surprised you got seats in the 2nd row when the theater was so packed. The only better seats would have been row one. But you gotta get to the theater pretty early to get those ones!

  2. lol! I enjoyed New Moon too! Although I have to say - the older women were WAY into Jacob a little too much (literally screaming and say things like "just kiss her! just kiss her!" - yeah it was a little weird)- and kind of creeped me out - but all in all it was better than Twilight :)


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