Wednesday, November 17


What is making us happy these days you ask?
This is.
 Well I guess technically these are...
 But if I am going to be more specific I would have to say these are our favorite.
Yes- those are the most delicious eclairs you will EVER eat.  EVER.  And I can get them whenever I want.
But I don't.  Just sometimes.
Don't judge me.

In other Snelldog news-
I am going to be running a 5k race on American Thanksgiving.
It is going to be awesome.
Except I haven't technically been training...
But really all I want is a starting point that I can rate myself against.
And I really want to just get started.
AND- I get a t-shirt.
So its going to be awesome.
If you want to come down and join me you are more than welcome.  In fact please do.  Unless of course you are in better shape than me- then just stay where you are and let me have a little happiness- ok?

And I am going to participate in this sew-along.
This will be my first sew-along ever.
And I want my dress to end up looking like this.
With a different print.
But I absolutely LOVE the ruffles.

Oh- and another thing that is making me happy these days?
I couldn't leave these guys out now could I?
Before the weather turned from 20 above to a mere 10 above (Yes I am a cold- weather- weenie now) we got out there and got some family photos done.  There were some good and some bad.
And they were all courtesy of our tripod... So it was above all- interesting...

Don't worry (because I know you all were) there will be more on the family photo session at a later date... It was awesome.

And for those of you who love us and want us back in Alberta soon- I will remind you that today is the one month marker.  In one month you will once again be graced with our presence and, if you are at all lucky, it will be FOR- E-VER.
Now if you will excuse me- I have some 5k training to do... and some material to buy.


  1. I want to do a sew-along merely so that I can take pictures of me, in a dress, kissing my horse. I like that girl. Besides that, I would rather cut my right eye out than do a sew-along right now - way too stressful right before Christmas.

  2. Woohoo! Can't wait for you to come home!! That dress is so cute! Good luck running that race. My lungs are burning just thinking about it.

  3. I personally would rather do a sew along than cut out my eye. I think cutting out my eye could also cause a fair bit of stress before the Christmas season. But maybe that's just the future optometrist in me... But if you do choose the cutting-out-the-eye option, I will soon be able to clean your prosthesis for you on a bi-annual basis!


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