Wednesday, November 3

An Actual Corn Maze

We finally attended an actual corn maze.
We have been to other corn mazes but they were a little less like a corn maze and a little more like a small garden of dead corn that you could see through and the only path was the one that was trodden down by other disappointed 'corn mazers'...

Who knew real corn mazes could be so much fun!
We ventured through the corn maze, took some classic pictures, jumped in the bouncy house and picked our annual Halloween pumpkins.

It was a lot of fun had by all.
We finished the night with dinner at Wendy's.
MMMMM fries and a frosty...
And a $1.50 movie in American Fork.
What day can be better than that?
No really, I dare you to try and find a day....


  1. Okay, try this for a comparable day... Maybe the day we went to Martha and got seated in the "not ugly section", ate cake from a TV show cake shop and then found a cute filipino restaurant at ate there all in the most lively city in the world. Shazaam!!

    Looking at all your cute faces makes me miss you guys a ton. We need to talk soon about Christmas plans!!

    Love the red flower and outfit!!

  2. I remember that corn maze! We went at night and couldnt find our way out! And that picture of Ruby reminds me of the picture of Lily with that huge watermellon you bought. Sounds like day that will be hard to top! :)
    (Did I use too many exclamation points?!!!)!!

  3. That was a pretty good day. But not as good as another day I remember. I'll give you a hing: the day we got married and had 2 children (3 separate days, actually, but I lump them into one SUPERDAY in my memory. Oh SNAP!


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